What is a good online dictionary for kids?

What is a good online dictionary for kids?

Merriam–Webster’s Word Central. Word Central is a Merriam–Webster edition created for language fun and excellent word power support. It has games and option to build your own dictionary, plus thesaurus.

Is Britannica Kids dictionary free?

Britannica Kids is advertising free, with a yearly subscription price of $74.95. More information is available at

What is the best dictionary app for kids?

Best English Dictionary App for Students and Teachers

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  • Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  • English Dictionary – Offline.
  • Oxford Dictionary of English.
  • Dictionary by The Free Dictionary.
  • RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary.
  • Kids Picture Dictionary : Learn English A-Z words.

Is there online kids dictionary?

3. Though not an app, Word Central is a kid-friendly website that functions well on both smartphones and tablets, and pulls its results from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Are there dictionaries for kids?

The Word Explorer Children’s Dictionary is for the upper elementary grades. The Comprehensive Dictionary-Thesaurus Suite is available in three reading levels, from elementary to advanced.

What is the best dictionary for elementary students?

The Best Children’s Dictionaries For Young Readers

  • Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary.
  • Scholastic Children’s Dictionary.
  • Priddy’s First 100 Word Series.
  • My First Dictionary: 1,000 Words, Pictures, AND DEFINITIONS.
  • Scholastic Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms.

Is Britannica Online Free?

Encyclopedia Britannica offers its entire database online for no charge.

Is there a free dictionary app? Dictionary and Thesaurus is a free iOS and Android app that comes from one of the best-known dictionary Web sites. Unlike the Web site, the app has the advantage that many of its features work offline.

Which dictionary is best for learning English?

Longman Learner’s Dictionary of American English “Longman” is the very best dictionary for students learning English to study, live, and work in North America. This dictionary provides lots of handy reference materials, special in-depth looks at issues such as idioms, phrasal verbs, and more.

What is the best English dictionary for students?

Which dictionary is best for primary school students?

How do I unlock Britannica for free?

And now, you can get access to the online version for free through a new program called Britannica Webshare – provided that you are a “web publisher.” The definition of a web publisher is rather squishy: “This program is intended for people who publish with some regularity on the Internet, be they bloggers, webmasters.

Is Merriam Webster dictionary free?

Hundreds of words to test your skills. The app is free, and supported by ads. No internet connection is required to view the definitions or thesaurus (although you do need a connection to view illustrations, hear audio pronunciations, and use voice search).

Is Merriam Webster app free?

The Merriam-Webster App (available for Android and iOS) is a free dictionary, much like and its associated apps. There is a free version of the app available which includes many of the features of the paid version.

Which dictionary is best for elementary students?

What should I use instead of Wikipedia?

Best Wikipedia Alternatives

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. ( In terms of traditional encyclopedias, this is Wikipedia’s main rival.
  2. World Book Online. (
  3. (
  4. Infoplease. (
  5. Citizendium. (

Is Britannica free online?

Is Britannica free to use?

Britannica is a membership site, so only paid members and Free Trial participants are able to access the entire Britannica Online database and complete line of special features.

How to find Free Kids ebooks?

Find free ebooks on Amazon. The easiest way to find free kids books for the Barnes & Noble Nook is to go to the Kids section and search for “free.” This will pull up more than 4,000 titles.

How to make website for free for kids?

Go to

  • Put your full name in full name part. Make a secure password and keep it that way.
  • Upgrade if needed. A parent or guardian will need to agree to this and make any necessary payment.
  • Start to customize your website. Follow the site prompts for making your first page.
  • Publish your website.
  • How to learn typing online for kids?

    – Over 600 lessons. – Take placement tests or learn in order. – Customize the theme and other settings. – Tools for teachers to design lessons.

    Do kids really need homework?

    Yes! Particularly for elementary school, homework has become a debated issue. That is because studies show that doing homework does not necessarily improve younger students’ grades. Still, many teachers and parents are in favor of homework in elementary school.