Is sephy a cross?

Is sephy a cross?

Sephy is a Cross: dark-skinned and beautiful, she lives a life of privilege and power. But she’s lonely, and burns with injustice at the world she sees around her. Callum is a nought: pale-skinned and poor, he’s considered to be less than nothing – a blanker, there to serve Crosses – but he dreams of a better life.

What book comes after Noughts and Crosses?

There are six books in the series: Noughts and Crosses, Knife Edge, Checkmate, Double Cross, Crossfire, and Endgame.

Does Noughts and Crosses have a sequel?

Sequel to the award-winning Noughts & Crosses, Knife Edge is a razor-sharp and intensely moving novel for older readers.

Will there be another Noughts and Crosses book?

Endgame: The final book in the groundbreaking series, Noughts & Crosses (Noughts and Crosses, 6) Paperback – 16 Sept. 2021.

Who married sephy?

Nathaniel “Nathan” Ealing was the manager of Specimens, the restaurant Persephone Hadley worked at. He later married Sephy, and they had a son, Troy together.

What does blanker mean In Noughts and Crosses?

a person who is deemed worthless to society and a waste of space according to the book noughts and crosses.

What order should I read Malorie Blackman books?


  • Book 1. Noughts & Crosses. Book 1.
  • Book 2. Knife Edge. Book 2.
  • Book 3. Checkmate. Book 3.
  • Book 4. Double Cross. Book 4.
  • Book 5. An Eye for an Eye. Book 5.
  • Book 6. Endgame: The final book in the groundbreaking series, Noughts & Crosses. Book 6.
  • Book 7. Crossfire. Book 7.
  • Book 9. Nought Forever: World Book Day 2019. Book 9.

How many series of Noughts and Crosses are there?


Noughts + Crosses
Starring Jack Rowan Masali Baduza
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 2

Will there be a series 3 of Naughts and Crosses?

It took more than a year for the BBC to confirm the fate of Noughts and Crosses, with the series being given the green light in May 2021, a full 14 months after the show premiered.

How old is sephy Noughts and Crosses?

One of the protagonists, the novel follows privileged Cross Sephy from age 13 to 17. She’s been best friends with nought Callum her whole life and believes that it’s going to be great when Callum starts at her prestigious school.

Is Minerva older than sephy?

MINERVA (MINNIE) Minerva is the older sister of Sephy.

How many series of noughts and crosses are there?

Is noughts and crosses true story?

Noughts + Crosses was partly inspired by Stephen Lawrence’s murder and how it was handled by a racist police force, but it’s worth remembering that just four years before he died, police classism inflicted misery on the families of Hillsborough victims.

What age read Noughts and Crosses?

Shortlisted for the 2004 Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (age 6-8 category), an exploration of an unlikely friendship between two very different boys.

Is Noughts and Crosses true story?

Why are crosses called noughts?

the story continues into the next generation over the next three books. author malorie Blackman wanted to write a book about slavery, race and racism, and called it noughts and crosses because it’s a game that ‘once you’ve grasped its objective and tactics, it invariably ends in a draw – a no-win situation.

Why did Lynette think she was a cross?

Romantic. Lynette McGregor was the older sister of Callum and Jude McGregor; and the daughter of Meggie and Ryan McGregor often described as Meggie’s favourite child. She had dated a Cross named Jed prior to Noughts and Crosses and as a result, was attacked along with her boyfriend and left for dead.

Is sephy black?

Worse than animals – like blankers!’ Sephy is a Cross: dark-skinned and beautiful, she lives a life of privilege and power. But she’s lonely, and burns with injustice at the world she sees around her.

Is noughts and crosses book inappropriate?

Parents need to know that Noughts + Crosses is a series about an alternate reality in which people of color reign supreme, and light-skinned citizens are an oppressed underclass.

How old is sephy In noughts and crosses?

How old is sephy In Noughts and Crosses?

Who is Minerva In Noughts and Crosses?

Minerva Hadley is the daughter of Kamal and Jasmine Hadley, and older sister of Persephone Hadley. In Noughts and Crosses she is the only member of the Hadley family to support Sephy in her desire to attend Chivers boarding school; though she is often having arguments with her younger sister, she loves her deeply.

Why are crosses called Noughts?

How old is Noughts and Crosses?

The history of Noughts and Crosses as we know it today goes back to far Persia, almost a thousand years ago, where Italian traders exported it to their lands and extended it. In a short period of time, it became one of the most popular games among the low classes of the Middle Ages.

Can a 12 year old read noughts and crosses?

The novel itself is Young Adult, with Sephy and Callum contributing alternate chapters as they tell their entwined stories. There’s been much debate over what’s a suitable age to read the book with its challenging and upsetting content: the consensus has been around 12.