Is Muslima com a trusted site?

Is Muslima com a trusted site?

Muslima has a consumer rating of 1.15 stars from 74 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Muslima most frequently mention fake profiles and customer service problems. Muslima ranks 13th among Religious Dating sites.

Is Muslima a good dating app?

With 4.5 million members worldwide, Muslima is probably one of the leading dating sites focusing on the Islamic religion. A completely equal gender proportion makes this website perfect for both male and female users, and the site caters to an extensive age range.

Is Muslima free site?

Is free? It’s free to sign up and enjoy browsing on Muslima, but you will have to pay to upgrade to premium memberships. Gold and Platinum tiers of membership are available at different price points so you can balance affordability and the need for features.

Does Muslima com have an app?

With the Muslima mobile app, you can create a new account and begin writing your love story in a matter of minutes. Join now and start browsing profiles to find your future Muslim life partner! With over 7,500,000 members, Muslima is the perfect place to find your life partner online.

What is the meaning of Muslima?

a believer in or follower of Islam.

Is MuzMatch legit?

The Quality of Singles at MuzMatch MuzMatch has really high quality singles! The selfie verification, chaperone system, and highly detailed profiles have led to an environment where finding fake accounts is far less likely.

How does Muslima com work? offers two levels of premium membership—Gold and Premium. Each membership has three types of subscriptions—1 month, 3 months, and 12 months, which are all billed in one payment. If you are looking to have a longtime membership, you get a 50% discount when you sign up for the 12 months subscription.

What’s the difference between Hanafi and Shafi?

One of the many differences between the Shafiʽi and Hanafi schools is that the Shafiʽi school does not consider istihsan (judicial discretion by suitably qualified legal scholars) as an acceptable source of religious law because it amounts to “human legislation” of Islamic law.

Does MuzMatch have fake profiles?

Is it halal to use MuzMatch?

Muzmatch and Minder are two of the leading ‘halal’ sites for Muslim courtship but as with their secular counterparts, there’s a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Which countries follow Shafi?

It is the official school followed by the governments of Brunei and Malaysia the shafi’i school is also large in Iraq and Syria.

Should I join MuzMatch?

Most of the app’s main features are free and those that are paid are fairly priced. We also like the look of the app, the layout is user friendly and easy to understand. For those reasons, we would say MuzMatch is definitely worth a download for any Muslim single.

Is online dating allowed in Islam?

Is online dating halal in Islam? There is no right way to answer this since “halal vs haram” comes down to an individual’s decisions and behaviours. While most online dating sites for Muslims strive to be halal, they (and we) can only hope their subscribers comply.

Is Shafi Sunni or Shia?

The Shafiʽi (Arabic: شَافِعِي, romanized: Shāfiʿī, also spelled Shafei) madhhab is one of the four major traditional schools of Islamic law in the branch of Sunni Islam.

Is MuzMatch real or fake?

What is halal love in Islam?

Generally, Muslims are told not to meet their spouse before marriage and are condemned from questioning this mentality. In truth, Islam teaches us love is kind, nourishing and pure. Meeting a spouse before marriage is wholly permitted and allowed if done with the right intentions and appropriately.

What is your review of the Muslima app?

Muslima very professional and genuine… Muslima very professional and genuine app that makes life easier for any person seeking marriage . Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are thrilled that you loved your experience.

What is your review of Muslima dating site?

Consumers complaining about Muslima most frequently mention fake profiles and customer service problems. Muslima ranks 11th among Religious Dating sites. How would you rate Muslima? Over all I am happy because I found what I came for. But you have all sorts of people from all walks of life around the globe.

What is the Muslim Muslima website? employ women to talk to you and block you once you start asking negative questions.

How many people use Muslima?

Muslima is used by over 7.5 million singles worldwide. 300,000 of those users are in the United States. Muslima is a site under the umbrella of Cupid Media, which means they have very similar features to some awesome sites like OKCupid, AsianDating, UkraineDate, and more!