How many inmates are in the Laurel County Detention Center?

How many inmates are in the Laurel County Detention Center?

The Laurel County Correctional Center is located in London, Kentucky: the heart of southeastern Kentucky. We house approximately 800 County, State, or Federally incarcerated inmates.

How do I find out an inmate’s release date in PA?

Interested researchers can find an inmate’s release date using the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ online inmate lookup tool. They can also obtain inmate release information through PA SAVIN or VINELink.

Who is the Laurel County jailer?

Jamie Mosley
Prison Functions and Structure The person behind the facility’s functions is Jamie Mosley, and he took over in 2011. Mosley’s mindset in managing the prison involves three main categories of people. These include taxpayers, families, and inmates. It also includes the staff members at correction facilities.

How do I find an inmate in PA Department of Corrections?

Inmate Listing

  1. Click on Pennsylvania.
  2. Click on Find an Offender.
  3. Enter the Offender ID or Enter the Offender’s First and Last name.
  4. Click on “Search”
  5. Click for More Info after searching.

How do I find out if someone is on parole in PA?

Search our database to find an inmate or parolee The Inmate/Parolee Locator is a database that contains information about each inmate and parolee currently under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections (DOC).

How long is parole in Pennsylvania?

The Board has paroling authority over sentences with a maximum date of two or more years that are served in state correctional institutions under the jurisdiction of the DOC. A maximum sentence less than two years is a county sentence and county parole. There is no right to parole under state or federal law.

Can you get off parole early in PA?

If someone is on the street on probation or parole, you can file a petition with the judge for early termination of the probation or the parole. Note that these petitions are only filed when the sentencing power is with the state court judge and not with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

How do I look up criminal charges in PA?

Pennsylvania State Records

  1. Login.
  2. (215) 607-6610.

Can you leave the state on parole in PA?

If you’re on parole in Pennsylvania, you may be able to move to another state. It depends on the circumstances at hand. Often, if a person is on parole, county parole that is versus state parole, a county parole office may in fact be required to transfer your case to another state.

Can you drink alcohol on probation in PA?

You are allowed to drink alcohol while on probation. However, some individuals do have a specific condition of their probation that bans them from drinking alcohol.

Can you leave the state on probation in PA?

One of the general terms of probation, whether it is informal or formal, is that you cannot move to another state until the probationary period ends.

How can I check my criminal record for free in PA?

Public Records

  1. Access aggregate numerical data from all courts including caseload statistics, collections information and interactive data dashboards.
  2. Search and view individual court case information (including docket sheets)—for free—please go to the UJS web portal.

Are arrests public record in PA?

Yes. Pennsylvania arrest records are public records under the Right To Know Law. Interested persons who wish to obtain arrest records must submit a request to the arresting agency. In a county, this would be the Sheriff’s Office or the local police department.

Can you drink on parole in PA?

3 attorney answers A requirement that a person on parole or probation refrain from consumption of alcohol is very common and standard with some county probation departments. If such is the case, then the answer to the questions of whether drinking alcohol is a…

Can you get off probation early in PA?

Can you terminate Pennsylvania probation early? Yes. Pennsylvania law gives judges the authority to release defendants from probation early. (Generally, to be released from probation early you have to pay off your fines, complete at least half of your probation and complete all court ordered classes and treatment.)