How do you execute a data stage job from the command line?

How do you execute a data stage job from the command line?


  1. Open a terminal session or a command line interface.
  2. Provide authentication information where necessary.
  3. Run the dsjob command to run the job. The following command runs the Build_Mart_OU job in the dstage project. The default parameters are used when running the job.

Which command are used to import and export the data stage jobs?

Use the InfoSphere® DataStage® command option with the istool import command to import IBM® InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage® assets from an archive file to the metadata repository of IBM InfoSphere Information Server.

How do I run a DataStage job in UNIX command line?

Re: DataStage Job run from Unix Command Line Execute the dsenv file in DSEngine path. Go to bin directory and type dsjob -run enter…you will get the syntax for passing the parameters. You can run the dsjob command from any where if you have included it in the PATH variable .

How do I clean up resources in DataStage?

From the DataStage (DS) clients:

  1. Launch DS Director.
  2. Select Job -> Cleanup Resources (if Cleanup Resources is disabled, go to step 10 below)
  3. In the Processes pane, click Show All.
  4. In the Locks pane, click Show All.
  5. In the Locks pane, scroll to the job name in the Item ID field.
  6. Note the PID/User # associated with the job.

What is DataStage execution command?

Command Stage is an active stage that can execute various external commands, including server engine commands, programs, and jobs from anywhere in the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® data flow. Command Stage is only supported on Windows.

How do I import a DataStage job?

Steps to Import a . DSX File

  1. In DataStage Designer, select Import, DataStage Components from the menu. The DataStage Repository Import window displays.
  2. Click the Import from file browse button to locate the . dsx file you want to import.
  3. Select Import All and click OK to import the file.

How do I export multiple jobs in DataStage?

Click Add and browse to the jobs directory in your Datastage project. Select the job that you want to export and click OK. You can select more than one job to export at a time. The names of the selected jobs are displayed in the Items to export area.

Can we delete datasets in DataStage?

Click the Delete icon on the tool bar to delete the current data set. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Note: You cannot use the UNIX rm command to delete a data set because InfoSphere® DataStage® represents a single data set with multiple files.

What is clear status file in DataStage?

If status is cleared for a datastage job,all of its instaces will be deleted. I mean if there is a instance say jobname. inst1 or jobname. inst2 these will be deleted. The entries for that particular jobs will be cleared from RT_Status(n) table.

How do you compile routines in DataStage?

To compile a routine, click Compile… in the Server Routine dialog box. The status of the compilation is displayed in the lower window of the Server Routine dialog box. If the compilation is successful, the routine is marked as “built” in the Repository and is available for use.

What is DSX file in DataStage?

A .dsx file is a file that is created when you use DS Manager to export jobs. from a project (export –> datastage components). You can import these jobs into another project, on the same or on a. different server and run them in designer or director, in the normal way. (after re-compiling).

How do I import an XML file into DataStage?


  1. Choose Import > DataStage Components… to import components from a text file or Import > DataStage Components (XML) to import components from an XML file.
  2. Type in the path or browse for the file to import from.
  3. To import objects from the file into the repository, select Import all and click OK.

How do I import multiple jobs into DataStage?

How do I manage dataset in DataStage?

Data sets can be managed using the Data Set Management tool, invoked from the Tools > Data Set Management menu option within DataStage Designer (DataStage Manager in the 7.5 releases.) Alternatively, the ‘orchadmin’ command line program can be used to perform the same tasks.

How do I delete rows in DataStage?


  1. Set the Write Method property to Delete Rows.
  2. Specify a value for the Delete Rows Mode property. You can use a statement that is automatically generated by IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® or specify your own.
  3. If you select a Delete Rows Mode of User-defined delete, specify the Delete SQL statement to use.

How do I stop a running job in DataStage?

If you want to kill the job go to director > cleanup resources> clear status file as said above. Sometimes even this won’t work , in that case, simply stop and start the asb agent . It will kill the job forcefully.

How do I view DataStage logs?


  1. Log in to DataStage Director.
  2. In Status view, select the job you want to view the log.
  3. Switch to Log view using “Log” button on the toolbar or View > Log menu.
  4. Choose View > Show All menu to display all log entries.
  5. Sort the log items in ascending time order.

How do I compile multiple jobs in DataStage?

Compiling Multiple Jobs

  1. Choose Tools > Multiple Job Compile from the main menu.
  2. In the InfoSphere® DataStage® client folder, double-click the file dsjcwiz.exe (for example, C:\IBM\InformationServer\Clients\Classic\dsjcwiz.exe). Type your login details in the Attach to Project dialog box to attach to your project.

How do I force compile a DataStage job?

Server jobs and parallel jobs are compiled on the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® server, and are subsequently run on the server using the InfoSphere DataStage Director. To compile a job, open the job in the Designer and do one of the following: Choose File ► Compile. Click the Compile button on the toolbar.

How do I open a DSX file in DataStage?

How do I export a DSX file in DataStage?

Procedure to Export DataStage Jobs: Right click on job or jobs that you want to export. Give the file name and path (where do you want to store the dsx file) in ‘Export to file’ box. Click on ‘Export’. You can see a file name with the given name and with extension as ‘.

Which stage is read XML file in DataStage?

XML documents are meant to be processed in their entirety by the XML Input stage within a DataStage job. The traditional method of using a sequential file stage to access a file is designed to parse the file into records and columns.