How do I contact Spartan customer service?

How do I contact Spartan customer service?

Please feel free to drop us a note using the form here, or email us at custo[email protected] or call us toll free at 800-435-3866.

Who owns Spartan?

Joe De Sena
Joe De Sena is the founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports brand. Growing up in working-class Queens, De Sena has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit since his preteens. He built a multimillion-dollar pool cleaning business before moving to Wall Street, where he started his own trading firm.

Are Spartan photos free?

Spartan provides race photos free of charge. Please allow 3-5 days after your race for them to be uploaded to the website.

How much is Spartan?

the best of Spartan for $7.99 /mo SPARTAN+ is a membership platform that gives Spartans everywhere access to world-class coaching, race day benefits, exclusive discounts, digital events and more coming.

Can I get a refund on my Spartan Race?

As a Spartan+ member if your event gets cancelled or moved by Spartan, you may request a full refund of tickets, add ons, and fees. It’s that simple.

Will Spartan races happen in 2021?

The 2021 schedule has the most Trifecta weekends — we are so amped for New Jersey, Central Florida, Seattle, West Virginia, Ohio, Montana, and Fayetteville — and Trail events in Spartan history. (The Trail runs in Montana, the Carolinas, San Jose, Austin, Boston, and San Luis Obispo are spectacular.)

What type of business is Spartan?

Obstacle Course Racing
The series include the Spartan Sprint, the Spartan Super, the Spartan Beast, and the Spartan Ultra….Spartan Race.

Type Private
Industry Obstacle Course Racing
Founded 2007
Founder Joe De Sena
Headquarters United States

Where is Joe De Sena’s farm?

Pittsfield, Vermont
And, of course, it had a red barn. De Sena and Lawson purchased Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont in 2001.

What is a Spartan Ultra?

60 OBSTACLES. With foundations in traditional ultrarunning, the Spartan Ultra merges the sport of obstacle course racing along with 50K courses and 60 obstacles to create a truly unique and brutal challenge. This is a serious ultra-distance athletic challenge.

How do you get a Spartan trifecta?

To become a member of the Trifecta Tribe, one must complete one of each Spartan distance – Sprint, Super, and Beast. You can earn multiple Trifectas in a single trifecta year, however, only one lap per day, per event will count. The 2022 Trifecta Calendar year will run from November 8, 2021, to December 31, 2022.

How do I cancel Spartan?

v. Cancellation. You can cancel your Spartan+ Membership at any time during your Membership Period by logging into your User Account and selecting cancel under the settings (

Is the Spartan app free?

Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro — If you want to look like a modern-day Spartan, this app claims it can help. It’s equipped with more than 40 workouts for all fitness levels and no equipment is required. It’s $3.99 for iPhone and iPad and $3.49 for Androids.

What happens if a Spartan Race is Cancelled?

SEASON PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Where a Qualified Member is a Season Pass holder and registers for an Event that is cancelled, Spartan will only refund the fees paid by the Season Pass holder for the cancelled Event and not for the underlying cost of the Season Pass.

Can someone else use my Spartan ticket?

Log into your Spartan Account. Select the race you would like to transfer. Find the race you would like to transfer, click the 3 dots on the right and click Transfer Ticket. Select Switch to a different person.

What’s harder Tough Mudder or Spartan?

Participants also say that Tough Mudder obstacles tend to be more creative and fun, while the Spartan obstacles are more physically challenging. You’re also allowed to skip obstacles during a Tough Mudder race, while doing so during a Spartan race will cost you 30 burpees.

How long does it take to train for a Spartan race?

Assuming you have a baseline of fitness, you should train for at least one month for a Spartan Race with strength training moves that build your upper body and grip strength. What is this? Ideally, you would train for two to three months for a Spartan race to adequately prepare for the challenge.

Who started Spartan?

Joe De Sena is the founder and CEO of Spartan, and the host of CNBC’s new primetime show, “No Retreat: Business Bootcamp.”

What is the Spartan Sprint?

A classic obstacle course racing experience. The Sprint combines relatively easy trail running with 20 obstacles, held on off-road terrain featuring water and mud. Climb walls, crawl under wire, traverse monkey bars, aim a spear throw, and more.

Is Joe De Sena married?

Courtney LawsonJoe De Sena / Spouse

How old is Joe De Sena?

53 years (January 2, 1969)Joe De Sena / Age

How much money do you get for winning a Spartan Race?

We will also be providing “non cash” prize packages for the overall 2022 USNS Age Group series, which is a brand new offering from Spartan. The following events will pay $500 for First, $300 for Second, and $200 for Third for both the Elite Male and Female competitors.

Which Spartan Race is the hardest?

The Spartan Death Race is the toughest race in the world; even its name strike fear into the hearts of the most seasoned athlete. It takes place across the challenging terrain of the Green Mountains in and around Pittsfield, Vermont, and lasts more than 70 hours!

What do you get after completing a Spartan Race?

Most importantly, you’ll change your life. In addition, every athlete who completes a Spartan Race receives a finisher medal, t-shirt, and adult beverage to toast your success.

Does Spartan give refunds?

Only a Qualified Member that has directly purchased an Event registration for a rescheduled Event may request a refund of fees paid. All refunds under this section will be made in totality by Spartan and Spartan will not provide “partial” refunds or refunds of select Event registrations under this program.

Are Spartan tickets refundable?