How big is the Genos?

How big is the Genos?


Dimensions Width 1,234 mm (48-9/16″)
Height 138 mm (5-7/16″)
Depth 456 mm (17-15/16″)

How tall is Genos in CM?

1/6 Articulated Figure: Genos stands approximately 12” (30.5cm) tall and features highly-detailed cyborg body.

How tall is Saitama OPM?

Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight 70 kg (154.3 lb.)

How tall is the terrible tornado?

Tornado of Terror (Tatsumaki)

Tornado of Terror
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female
Species Unknown
Height 150cm/5ft/1.5m

How tall is Genos?

Species Unknown
Height 1.78 m | 5’10”
Weight 75 kg
Alignment Neutral Good

Is Genos full robot?

Genos is a 19 year old cyborg and the disciple of Saitama. He has an entirely mechanical body in the model of a handsome young man. His face and ears look like that of a normal human, made of an artificial skin material, and his eyes have black sclera with yellow irises.

Is Saitama taller than Genos?

we can clearly see that Sonic is taller than Saitama but slightly shorter than Genos. The difference between Saitama and Genos is 3 cm so we can safely assume that Sonic is about 177 cm (5′8″) since he is more taller than Saitama than he is shorter than Genos.

How tall is Fubuki?

Physically, she appears to be no different than a normal person; Child Emperor’s scanning device listed her at a mere “19” while many B-Class heroes are in the several hundreds, and A-Class in the thousands.

Who is the tallest OPM character?

Giant Snowman is currently the tallest character in the entire series.

How tall is Tatsumaki?

tatsumaki measures in at 142 cm (4′8″)!!

Is Tatsumaki a dwarf?

Appearance. Tatsumaki is a petite woman, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has an adolescent face with emerald green eyes, and green hair that naturally curls up on the ends.

How tall is Boros?

Lord Boros is the main antagonist of the Alien Invaders arc in the web comic One Punch Man, later adapted into a serialised manga and an anime series….

Lord Boros
Height 2.4m (7’10”)
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Does Genos cry oil?

Because Genos cries oil tears in canon. Not all the oil is the thick motor oil, so I suspect Genos’s tears are more closed to every day oils.

How tall is DEKU?

Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku) is the main protagonist in My Hero Academia but is the most physically average of the whole cast. He is 5’5″ (165.1 cm) exactly, which is neither tall nor short in comparison to the rest of the students in Class 1-A. As far as protagonists go, Izuku is a model example.

Does Fubuki like Saitama?

Fubuki strikes up an odd relationship with Saitama after her introduction, occasionally showing up at his house with his other acquaintances. She was attempting to get him into joining the Blizzard Group at her first meeting with him because she worried about her rank.

Is Fubuki older than Tatsumaki?

Despite being the more mature-looking, Fubuki is in fact 5 years younger than her sister Tatsumaki. Lily once mistook Fubuki as the older sister of Tatsumaki.

Is Genos his real name?

Additionally, he states that wishes can never come true again until all the Star Pieces are recovered. He also reveals his real name, ♡♪!?. However, this is impossible to pronounce, so the star warrior assumes the name of the doll: Geno.

Is Genos a girl?

Personality. In contrast to Saitama, Genos is an extremely serious boy. He constantly strives to become stronger and pesters Saitama to train him frequently.

How tall is Dabi?

Anonymous asked: Yeah, Dabi is 5’9″, Shouto officially has a quarter inch on him. He’s probably due for a growth spurt too. Maybe when Shouto is feeling really dramatic.

How tall is Ochaco?

13 Ochaco Uraraka: 5’1 And A Half / 156cm.

How tall is yuuta?

Compared to other students at Jujutsu High, Yuta Okkotsu is relatively tall, measuring 5’9″ (175.3 cm). He is the main protagonist of the manga’s prequel series but is more of a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen.

How tall is sukuna true?

12 Jujutsu Kaisen Character Chart

Character Name Age Height
Kento Nanami 28 6′ 0.5″ (184 cm)
Sukuna 1000+ 5′ 8″ (173 cm)
Mahito Unknown³ 5′ 10½” (179 cm)
Suguru Geto 27 6′ 3″ (190 cm)

Does Tatsumaki love Genos?

Genos. Tatsumaki at first had a strained relationship with Genos due to their conflicting personalities. His devotion to Saitama irritated her, especially when he would ignore her in favor of listening to his master.

Is Tatsumaki a child?

As a child, Tatsumaki always thought she was the cooler one of the two; she figured this had to be true if her little sister, Fubuki, played with her all the time, although this was not the case.

How powerful is Genos at full power?

At full power, stated by himself, Genos is capable of firing energy beams powerful enough to destroy a giant meteor in one shot. With this, he managed to deflect the fusion of Psykos and Orochi’s energy attacks with his own.

How tall is Genos from One Punch Man?

Sex. Male. Height. 1.78 m | 5’10”. Weight. Unknown. Alignment. Lawful Good. Genos is one of the main characters of the anime One Punch Man.

Would Garou like genos to be taller than he is?

Though Genos wouldn’t really mind the height difference, Garou’s going to tease him relentlessly for it. The delinquent boy aesthetic is a very good one. The original post for the above is gone, so this sauce leads to a tumblr one instead.

Can genos move his left arm?

While using these arms, Genos was shown to be able to move his core to the bicep of his left arm, directing all of his power into a massive blast. Arms Mode bares a striking resemblance to Genos’s Anti-Saitama Tactical Arms, possibly alluding to the former being an upgraded version of the latter.