Who is the villain in mine Kdrama?

Who is the villain in mine Kdrama?

Lee Hyun-wook
Then Ja-kyeong showed her true self – as Lee Hye-jin, the birth mother of Hi-soo’s son Ha-joon (Jeong Hyun-jun) – and the true villain was revealed to be Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook), Hi-soo’s husband and Hye-jin’s former lover.

How old is Seo Ji Hye?

37 years (August 24, 1984)Seo Ji-hye / Age

Who is the tutor in mine Kdrama?

Ok Ja-yeon plays Ha-joon’s birth mother Kang Ja-kyung, who upends the lives of the family by disguising as his tutor, with the intent of reclaiming her son.

Who is mother Emma in mine Kdrama?


Ye Soo-Jung Kim Yoon-Ji Oh Jung-Yeon
Mother Emma Jasmin Mi-Joo

Who is Ha Joon’s birth mother?

It turns out that Lee Hye-jin, the birth mother of Ha-joon, an eight-year-old scion of the Han family who owns the Hyowon Group of companies, was sent away by the family upon his birth eight years ago.

Who is Hajoon tutor?

Kang Ja Kyeong (Ja-Yeon Ok) is introduced into the household as a tutor for the child Han Ha Joon (Hyun-jun Jung).

Who is Jihye husband?

Jung Hyuk-joonHan Ji-hye / Husband (m. 2010)

Is it OK not to be OK drama?

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (Korean: 사이코지만 괜찮아; RR: Saikojiman Gwaenchana; lit. Psycho but It’s Okay) is a South Korean romantic drama television series written by Jo Yong and directed by Park Shin-woo. It stars Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Oh Jung-se and Park Gyu-young.

Who is Ha-joon’s birth mother?

Where was Korean Mine filmed?

Samtan Art Mine, located in Jeongseon County, Gangwon Province, is well-known as shooting location of “Descendants of the Sun (KBS, 2016),” a hit Korean drama starring Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Ji-won, and Jin Goo.

Is Hi-Soo pregnant Mine?

Episode 6 of Mine begins with the announcement of Hi-Soo’s pregnancy, which rocks the foundations of this family. Specifically, Ji-Yong who finds out via a phone call while Hi-Soo is out looking for Ha-Joon.

Did Hi-Soo miscarry?

In a flashback, Kang Ja-kyeong visited Hi-soo in the hospital after her miscarriage and stayed with her for a long period of time. She refuses to leave her side. Even when Hi-soo returned home, Kang Ja-kyeong tries to accommodate her.

Is MS Kang Ha-Joon’s mother?

The show has finally answered one big question – at least, answered it for Seo Hi-soo and Jung Seo-hyun, because we saw it coming about three episodes ago – Ha-joon’s new tutor and caretaker, Kang Ja-kyeong, is in fact his biological mother.

Is Hi-Soo pregnant in Mine?

Who is Ha-joon’s tutor in Mine?

What does Jihye mean in Korean?

It also means “wisdom” in Korean. Ji-hye was the most popular name for newborn girls in South Korea in 1980, 1988, and 1990.

How old is Moon Kang Tae?

The young Moon Gang-tae is portrayed by 11-year-old Moon Woo-jin. At his age, he’s already had more than 20 titles under his name. Prior to IOTNBO, he also appeared in the K-Drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” as the young version of Kim Kyung-nam’s character, Kang Hyun-min.

How can I be like Ko Mun Yeong?

Read on to find out how Ko Mun Yeong showed us what an alpha female looks like.

  1. Does not let societal expectations affect her relationship.
  2. Makes the first move.
  3. Forms her own judgments and sticks to them.
  4. Isn’t ashamed of her opinions.
  5. Cares deeply about the people she loves.
  6. Commands the room.

Where are most Kdramas filmed?

Many flock popular ones like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel and the one and only Namsan Tower. These tourist attractions are in the capital city, Seoul and as more K-dramas are getting well-known, more fans scour filming locations that are outside the city.

What is a chaebol family?

Chaebol is an English transliteration of the Korean word 재벌, which means plutocracy, rich business family, or monopoly, and the chaebol structure can encompass a single large company or several groups of companies.

Who gets murdered in Mine Kdrama?

From the beginning, the show was always about who died the fateful night Mother Emma had visited Cadenza in Mine and the perpetrator behind. As the episodes of the show progressed, it was revealed that it was Ji-yong who had died. However, alongside him had been another person that Mother Emma had seen in Mine.

Who is Ha-Joon’s birth mother?

Did Hi-Soo lost her baby?

An Elephant and its door. Episode 8 of Mine picks up right where we left off, with devastating news about Hi-Soo. She’s lost the baby and decided she’s going to leave Hyowon no matter what. Yu-Yeon is tasked with looking after Ha-Joon for the time being.

Who is Ja Kyeong?

Hye-jin has returned for some reason, posing as Ja-kyeong, a tutor to wealthy families, in order that she may reunite with her son. She inevitably clashes with Hi-soo, who finds her strange attachment to Ha-joon a tad too creepy.