What is the present tense of buscar?

What is the present tense of buscar?

Buscar Conjugation: Present Tense

yo busco
él/ella busca
nosotros/as buscamos
vosotros/as buscáis

What is the present tense of Viajar?

Viajar Conjugation: Present Tense

yo viajo
él/ella viaja
nosotros/as viajamos
vosotros/as viajáis

What is the present tense of trabajar?

Trabajar Conjugation: Present Tense

yo trabajo
él/ella trabaja
nosotros/as trabajamos
vosotros/as trabajáis

What is the meaning of buscar?

to look or search for
[busˈkar ] Full verb table transitive verb. to fetch. procurar) to look or search for.

Is Buscando a preterite?

Buscar is a Spanish verb meaning to look for. Buscar is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense….Buscar Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo busqué
él/ella buscó
ns. buscamos
vs. buscasteis

How do I use Viajar?

Lesson Summary The verb viajar means ‘to travel’. This verb is regular in the preterite (things that happened in the immediate past) and imperfect tenses (things that happened repeatedly in the past). We can use the verb viajar whenever we want to talk about traveling.

What is Viajar in past tense?

Viajar Conjugation: Preterite Tense

yo viajé
él/ella viajó
nosotros/as viajamos
vosotros/as viajasteis
ellos/ellas viajaron

Is trabajar regular or irregular?

regular ar verb
Trabajar is conjugated as a regular ar verb in the preterite tense.

How do you use trabajar?

Asking about work in Spanish

  1. Yo trabajo en una oficina. I work in an office.
  2. Yo trabajo como secretaria en una empresa. I work as a secretary in a company.
  3. Tú trabajas en un banco. You work in a bank.
  4. Usted trabaja de contable. You work as an accountant.

What is a seguir?

Seguir means “to follow” or “to continue” and is a common irregular Spanish verb.

What stem change is seguir?

Seguir is a stem-changing verb, so to form its present subjunctive we need its irregular stem sig-. Notice that the u from the infinitive disappears!

What does Spanish word llevar mean?

To Take or To Carry
Llevar meaning To Take or To Carry In a majority of the instances, ‘llevar’ does mean in some way ‘to carry’. It is also often associated with the meaning ‘to take’ even though in Spanish there is another verb, tomar, which explicitly means ‘to take’ as in ‘yo tomo el autobús’ or ‘I take the bus’.

What is Viajar in the future tense?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb viajar in Future tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Vosotros viajaréis
Ellos/Ellas viajarán

What is the future tense of Viajar?

Is trabajar an infinitive?

Trabajar infinitive | Spanish Translator.

What is yo trabajar?

Trabajar is a Spanish verb meaning to work. Trabajar is conjugated as a regular ar verb in the preterite tense. Trabajar appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Preterite Tense Verbs Poster as the 16th most used regular ar verb.

What is the difference between trabaja and trabajo?

Jose trabaja en la tienda. — Jose works in the store. Trabajo — as a noun means “a job” as a verb it means “I work.” Tengo un trabajo, y trabajo los sábados — I have a job, and I work on Saturdays.

What is Desayunar?

desayunar Verb. desayunar, have breakfast, to Verb (has breakfast; had breakfast; having breakfast) breakfast, to Verb (breakfasts; breakfasted; breakfasting)

What is the difference between llevar and Llevarse?

Comparing Llevarse vs Llevar. Keep in mind that when we say llevar, we always know where the thing or person is being taken. If we’re using llevarse with a known destination, the pronominal pronoun (me, te, se, nos) is either emphasizing the action or indicating that the thing was stolen. Se llevaron mi mochila.