What is a Staffy cross Rottweiler called?

What is a Staffy cross Rottweiler called?

The Staffie Bullweiler, also known as Staffweiler, is a mixed dog whose parents are a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These dogs are smaller than a Rottweiler, but are equally strong and protective. The Staffweiler will get along with children and other dogs if early socialization is implemented.

How long do Staffies cross Rottweilers live?

11-14 years
Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Rottweiler Mix (Staffie Bullweiler)

Height: 19-24 inches
Weight: 60-120 pounds
Lifespan: 11-14 years
Colors: Black, brown, brindle, white
Suitable for: Active owners looking for a playful and loving pet

Do Rottweilers and Staffies get on?

Even though the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler were both used as fighting dogs in the past, these two breeds, and their mix, are incredibly loving. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a loyal dog to form a close bond with.

What is the best dog to mix with a Rottweiler?

28 Great Rottweiler Mixes: Rottie Mixed Breeds For the Win!

  1. Pitweiler (Pitbull x Rottweiler Mix)
  2. Rottsky (Rottweiler x Siberian Husky Mix)
  3. Labrottie (Rottweiler x Labrador Retriever Mix)
  4. Mastweiler (Rottweiler / Mastiff)
  5. Golden Rottie (Golden Retriever x Rottweiler Mix)
  6. Shepweiler (German Shepherd x Rottweiler Mix)

Are Rottweiler mix good dogs?

The Boxer Rottweiler Mix is a large, muscular dog with a strong built and can weigh up to 80 pounds. With a large square head and a life span that reaches up to 13 years, the Rottweiler Boxer Mix is a happy, active dog that is loyal and intelligent at the same time.

Are Staffies aggressive dogs?

Bill Lambert, from the Kennel Club, said Staffies are not naturally aggressive and were one of the only breeds it recommended as suitable around children.

Why do staffies not like other dogs?

2. They Don’t Always Do Well With Other Dogs. According to Vet Street, the Staffordshire’s dog-fighting heritage predisposes them to not getting along with other canines.

Are Red Rottweilers real?

Red Rottweilers are becoming a popular color type, even though they aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. While they may look cute and unique, it’s important to note that their coats are due to a recessive gene and isn’t something that experienced breeders would pursue.

Are Rottweiler mixes aggressive?

The Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix tends to grow up into a very unmanageable adult if you have not trained it while it is young. The Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix has a tendency to be aggressive because of its fiercely loyal Rottweiler parent.

Are Staffies good with kids?

Staffies can make great family pets As a rule, they are gentle, affectionate dogs who adore people. They are utter clowns who enjoy life and simply love being part of the family. In fact, their well documented love of children once earned them the nickname “nanny dog”.

Will my Staffy protect me?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are protective of family members, but they are not too concerned about property. They are more likely to welcome burglars than to guard the silver.

Do Staffies jaws lock?

“Lock Jaw” itself is a myth. Staffies don’t have a lock jaw – nor does any other animal – as it would be hazardous for an animal to be unable to release its grip if its prey was doing serious injury in turn to the animal.

What dogs get along well with Staffies?

The Staffy is a sweet, loving, friendly and gentle companion that can be best friends with most any well balanced dog. With early socialization and consistent reinforcement of good behaviors, Staffies can get along with dogs just fine.

What is a blue Rottweiler?

With the blue Rottweiler, the color can look blue, gray, slate, or even silver. This color occurs when the black Rottweiler pigment is diluted causing it to be lighter. Typically, a blue Rottweiler will have various tones as the other “fewer colors” may still be present.

What is the bite force of a Staffordshire bull terrier?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 328 PSI The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a bite force of 328 PSI, but the dog does not show aggression to most people. Especially to its owners, you can expect a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be loving and affectionate.

Are Boxweilers good pets?

Boxweilers are great pets for the right family. They have a good deal of energy and need plenty of firm training due to their size. Along with these considerations, you should also be aware of their potential health problems, grooming needs, and diet requirements.

What kind of dog is a Rottweiler and Staffordshire mix?

Staffweiler Parents: American Staffordshire x Rottweiler mix Staffweilers combine two of the most formidable and strongest guard dogs: the Rottweiler and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Though they may look intimidating, they’re really just as loving and fun as any other big dog.

What is the difference between a Staffie bullweiler and a Rottweiler?

Instead of the American Staffordshire, this dog is mixed with the slightly smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As a result, the Staffie Bullweiler tends to be slightly smaller than the Rottweiler.

What is the best name for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix?

If you have never had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix before, look at the top 13 most popular crossbreeds listed, and see which one might fit for you and your family. Other Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed names: English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffie, Stafford, Staffordshire, Staffy. Your email address will not be published.

What kind of dog is a Staffie bullweiler crossbreed?

Similar to the Staffweiler, the Staffie Bullweiler crossbreeds the Rottweiler with one of the 4 pit bull type dog breeds. Instead of the American Staffordshire, this dog is mixed with the slightly smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As a result, the Staffie Bullweiler tends to be slightly smaller than the Rottweiler.