How much does a CL-515 cost?

How much does a CL-515 cost?

roughly a $300-$400 million
Setting up the production line alone for the CL-515 is roughly a $300-$400 million expense.”

How much does a CL-415 cost?

Cost Comparison

Class Aircraft Availability
Scooper CL-415 $42,000
VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker)
DC-10 $55,000
BAe-146 $29,000

Where is the cl515 built?

On 31 March 2022, Viking Air through De Havilland Canada renamed the CL-515 as the DHC-515, planning for production and final assembly in Calgary, Alberta, where the CL-215 and CL-415 are supported, with 22 letters of intent from European customers.

How many fire fighting planes does Canada have?

As of September 2019 there were 64 CL215/CL-415 registered with Transport Canada.

Does Canada have water bombers?

The Canadair CL-415, also known as the Bombardier 415, is a Canadian amphibious aircraft purpose-built as a water bomber. It was designed and built specifically for aerial firefighting.

How many water bombers does Ontario have?

Canadair CL415 Waterbomber Each of our nine waterbombers can spend hours on location.

How does CL-415 scoop water?

Scooping Sequence The CL-415 departs from the base to make the first drop on the first pass, then reloads for subsequent drops. The CL-415 can reload up to 6,137 litres in 12 seconds.

How do air tankers fill with water?

Water bomber operators generally fill these tanks on the ground. Certain amphibious designs can fill up on the move. They do so by skimming along bodies of water. As seen below, these tanks have hatches on their underside that can open and shut, allowing the aircraft to drop water onto blazes directly below them.

How many gallons of water does a firefighting plane hold?

After the aircraft were retired from the Navy, they were transformed into firefighting aerial tankers. The aircraft can carry 7,200 gallons of water or retardant and their drop can cover an area of up to 4 acres.

How do firefighting planes refill?

Some firefighting aircraft can refill their tanks in mid-flight, by flying down to skim the surface of large bodies of water. One example is the Bombardier CL-415. This is particularly useful in rural areas where flying back to an airbase for refills may take too much time.

Why is the Martin Mars not being used?

70-year-old plane was retired from service in 2013 because of limited capabilities. The owner of British Columbia’s iconic Martin Mars water bomber is responding to public criticism that the firefighting plane should be helping put out fires in Fort McMurray, Alta.

Why isn’t BC using the Mars water bomber?

A change in wildfire fighting tactics resulted in the water bombers’ services no longer needed as regularly. Also due to its size, the Martin Mars can only scoop up water from about 113 bodies of water in B.C., compared to the 1,700 bodies of water that smaller amphibious scoopers can access.

How do water bombers refill?

Tanks can be filled on the ground (by water tenders or truck-mounted systems) or water can be siphoned from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or a portable tank through a hanging snorkel.

Who operates water bombers in Canada?

De Havilland Canada acquired the Canadair CL program in 2016 and has been contemplating returning the water bombers to production since 2019. It says final assembly of the aircraft will take place in Calgary, where support for CL-215s and CL-415s already in service takes place.

Who builds the super scooper?

Super Scooper is a nickname given to certain amphibious firefighting aircraft built by Canadair, now Bombardier. The family of three aircraft known as “Super Scoopers” are the Canadair CL-215, the CL-215T and the Bombardier 415 turboprop.

Why do fire planes drop red water?

Most often, planes will drop a specially designed fire retardant called Phos-Chek, a mixture of mainly water and fertilizer, to help contain the spread of a fire.

How long does it take to fill an air tanker?

The 747 supertanker takes around 30 minutes to fill on the ground, longer than some other tankers and much more than the few minutes needed for the S2-T Cal Fire tankers. But the line of retardant that can be delivered to the ground in one run is significantly more effective than that of other tankers.

Can fire planes fly at night?

The new CAL FIRE helicopters, which are equipped with a hoist and a 250-foot cable for rescues, are able to battle wildfires at night and will be deployed over the next two to three years.

What is the biggest water bomber in the world?

The Martin Mars bomber
The Martin Mars bomber is the largest flying boat to enter Allied service during the Second World War, then was later assigned the role of a transport aircraft. After the prototype XPB2M-1R flew in 1942, the U.S. Navy ordered 20 more aircraft, only five of which were made.

Why is BC not using water bombers?

How much does a water bomber cost per hour?

Meet the Martin Mars water bomber: A Second World War-era vintage craft that costs $10,000 per hour to fly, and is being called into action in B.C.

How many Super Scooper planes are there?

three aircraft

Will Sand put out a fire?

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