Who won the 2013 Australian federal election?

Who won the 2013 Australian federal election?

The outcome The Coalition had a decisive win in the House of Representatives, with a two-party preferred vote of 53.45% to Labor’s 46.55%—a two-party swing of 3.65%. Labor’s primary vote fell to 33.38%, its lowest in over 100 years.

Who won the 2013 election?

Democratic nominee Robin Kelly defeated Republican nominee Paul McKinley on April 9, 2013, taking 71 percent of about 82,000 votes cast.

Which party was in power in Australia in 2013?

2013 Australian federal election

Leader Tony Abbott Kevin Rudd
Party Liberal/National coalition Labor
Leader since 1 December 2009 26 June 2013
Leader’s seat Warringah (NSW) Griffith (Qld.)
Last election 72 seats, 43.32% 72 seats, 37.99%

How many federal electorates are there in Tasmania?

There are 15 electoral divisions in Tasmania for the upper house Legislative Council.

Who was prime minister in 2013 Australia?

Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister of Australia from 2010 to 2013.

Who was in power in Australia 2012?

2012 in Australia
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor-General Quentin Bryce
Prime minister Julia Gillard
Elections QLD, NT, ACT

Who won 2016 election Australia?

For the first time since federation, a party managed to form government without winning a plurality of seats in the two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria. One re-count was held by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for the Division of Herbert, confirming that Labor won the seat by 37 votes.

Who was Australia’s best prime minister?

Alfred Deakin was a unanimous choice as Australia’s best prime minister, winning full votes from each selector; Robert Menzies also appeared on every “best” list. No one prime minister appeared on all six “worst” lists, although William McMahon appeared on five and James Scullin on four.

What is the smallest electorate in Australia?

At 32 square kilometres (12 sq mi), it is Australia’s smallest electorate, located in the inner-southern Sydney metropolitan area, including parts of the inner-west.

How many federal MPS are there in Tasmania?


State House of Assembly 40
Federal House of Representatives 17
Combined 57

Which prime minister served the shortest term?

Consequently, the prime minister with the total shortest period in office was George Canning, whose sole term lasted 119 days from 12 April 1827 until his death on 8 August 1827.

Has any prime minister lost their seat?

Balfour’s unseating became symbolic of the Conservative Party’s landslide defeat. The result has since been called one of the biggest upsets in British political history and remains the only instance of a former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition losing their seat in a General election.

What is the biggest electorate in Australia?

At 1,383,954 km2 (over 54 per cent of the landmass of Western Australia), Durack is the largest electorate in Australia by land area, the largest constituency in the world that practices compulsory voting, and the fourth largest single-member electorate in the world after Yakutsk in Russia, Nunavut in Canada, and …

Who is the MP of Tasmania?

Mr Brian Mitchell MP – Parliament of Australia.

Who are the federal senators in Tasmania?

Tasmanian Senators as at July 2019

Eric Abetz Liberal 30 June 2022 Wendy Askew Liberal 30 June 2022
Jonathon Duniam Liberal 30 June 2022 Jacqui Lambie Jacqui Lambie Network 30 June 2025
Helen Polley ALP 30 June 2022 Anne Urquhart ALP 30 June 2022

Who was the prime minister in 2013 Australia?