Who plays Nergal in Billy and Mandy?

Who plays Nergal in Billy and Mandy?

David Warner
Nergal is the main antagonist of the animated TV series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He is the arch-nemesis of Mandark, Grim, Billy and Mandy. He was voiced by David Warner in his first two appearances and Martin Jarvis in his other appearances.

What kind of monster is Nergal?

Nergal is the main antagonist of the series. He is a demon-like being from the Center of The Earth with snake-like tentacles growing from his back. These tentacles can deliver powerful shocks and act as extra arms. He is named after the Mesopotamian god of death.

Is Nergal Jr Billy’s cousin?

Nergal Jr. the Little Evil Devil is the son of Nergal and Billy’s aunt Sis. He is also Billy’s first cousin.

Who plays Nergal?

David Warner, Martin Jarvis are the voices of Nergal in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Who is Hoss Delgado based on?

Hoss Delgado’s weapon of choice is based off of Ashley J. Williams’ from the Evil Dead series. His name is a parody of Jose Delgado, also known as Gangbuster in the DC Comics continuity.

What is Nergal the god of?

Nergal is the (southern) Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence and plague, and Lord of the Underworld.

Is Nergal a sun god?

Kraeling argued that Nergal was representative of a certain phase of the sun, specifically the sun of noontime and of the summer solstice that brings destruction, high summer being the dead season in the Mesopotamian annual cycle.

What does Nergal look like?

Iconography. Nergal is often portrayed as an astride male figure carrying a scimitar or a mace, the mace often being topped by a (double) lion’s head. He is also associated with the bull (Wiggermann 1998-2001e: 223-4).

How tall is Nergal?

5′ 9″Adam Darski / Height

Who Voices has del Gato?

Diedrich Bader is the voice of Hoss Delgado in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Naoki Makishima is the Japanese voice.

Has Delgado based on?

What did Nergal look like?

Nergal was associated with a large number of local or foreign deities. The Akkadian god Erra was syncretised with him at an early date, and especially in literary texts they functioned as synonyms of each other….

Symbol lion-headed mace, sword, lion, bull
Personal information
Parents Enlil and Ninlil

What does the name Nergal mean?

Nergal (also known as Erra and Irra) is the Mesopotamian god of death, war, and destruction.

What does Nergal mean?

god of death, pestilence
Nergal is the (southern) Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence and plague, and Lord of the Underworld.

How did Hoss Delgado lose his hand?

It’s unknown how he lost his hand (though in Underfist, Irwin found his hand, pickled in a jar, and the video game profile says that he lost it between the cushions of his couch). In Underfist, his right leg seems to have been replaced with the same cybernetics on his arm.

Who voices Delgado in Beverly Hills?

Andy GarciaBeverly Hills Chihuahua
Miguel FerrerBeverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!
Delgado/Voiced by

Does Mandy like Irwin?

Irwin. Irwin has tried to make Mandy his girlfriend on a few occasions, but she always refuses in disgust and usually ends up beating him up. Repulsed by his pursuits to win her affections, Mandy chooses to be as far away from Irwin as possible.

Is Delgado nobody born cool?

“Nobody Is Born Cool” is a meme that was created out of a scene from the Cartoon Network cartoon series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. In a scene from the episode “Irwin Gets a Clue”, a character named Hoss Delgado assures Irwin that no one was born cool, except for one person.

Who plays the voice of Chloe in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Drew BarrymoreBeverly Hills Chihuahua
Odette AnnableBeverly Hills Chihuahua
Chloe/Voiced by

How many Chihuahuas were in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Over 200 dogs were cast to appear in the picture, including almost 50 Chihuahuas. Chloe was played by a white Deerhead Chihuahua named Angel. The pack rat Manuel and the iguana Chico were fully computer-generated characters.

Does Mandy marry Grim?

Mandy is the queen of the Underworld, because she married Grim.

What happens if Mandy smiles?

It appears that Mandy’s behavior has some sort of relation to the natural order of the universe, as shown in the episode, “My Fair Mandy” where it is shown that if she smiles against her own will, the very fabric of the universe will unravel and warp itself into a completely new reality.