Which is better Pahalgam or Gulmarg?

Which is better Pahalgam or Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is doable in a days trip in may, but if you have extra day nothing wrong in staying a night in Gulmarg also, For Pahalgam if you wana enjoy fully then i guess you need 2 nights there, seeing places like Betaab valley/Aru Valley/Chandanwari/pony rides/white water rafting etc.

How is the road from Pahalgam to Gulmarg?

By Road: The distance between Pahalgam and Gulmarg stretches about 140 km via route 1 and 146 km via route 2. Route 1 will take about 4 hours and 15 minutes. The time taken by route 2 is more, i.e., 4 hours and 45 minutes. If you start early from Pahalgam, you will reach Gulmarg early.

Where should I go first Gulmarg or Pahalgam?

You can visit either of the places first, there is no preference as such. Pahalgam takes more time to see the surrounding places than Gulmarg.

Which is better Gulmarg or Sonamarg?

Gulmarg is way better than Sonamarg. Gulmarg has lots of activities to do whereas Sonamarg doesnt have anything apart from the lookout. moreover the unions at Sonamarg is not at all systematic and are crazy behind money and looting tourists.

Why is Pahalgam famous?

Pahalgam is famous for its scenic beauty and is the jewel of the picturesque Liddar valley located in the high Himalayas. It provides an ideal setting for activities like hiking, trekking, and fishing. It is also the starting point of the annual pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath.

Where is MINI Switzerland in Kashmir?

Baisaran Valley
Baisaran Valley, located just 5 kilometers away from Pahalgam in the Anantnag district of Kashmir, is famous as a top sightseeing destination, called mini-Switzerland because of its picturesque beauty. It’s a hilltop green meadow dotted with dense pine forests and surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

How far is Pahalgam from Srinagar?

54 Kms
Distance Between Pahalgam to Srinagar

Distance between Pahalgam to Srinagar by Road is 54 Kms
Distance between Pahalgam to Srinagar by Flight is 37 Kms
Travel Time from Pahalgam to Srinagar by Road is 2:58 hrs
Nearest Airport in Pahalgam Srinagar International Airport (34.01, 75.19)

Is one day enough for Gulmarg?

2 days of stay excluding travel time is sufficient. One day to enjoy in Gulmarg and another day for Gondola ride till the second phase.

Where is MINI Switzerland in kashmir?

Can we skip Pahalgam?

And the worst part is after visiting Gulmarg and Pahalgam you feel you could have skipped the entire journey and saved time and money. You can enjoy all the horse and sledge rides much cheaper at the other sites.

What is mini Switzerland in Pahalgam?

Surrounded by immensely wooded forests of pine, Baisaran is a beautiful valley straight out of Yash Chopra’s movies. Popularly known as mini Switzerland of India, this meadow is only 5 kilometres away from Pahalgam and can be easily reached by pony. It also acts as a base for trekkers visiting Tulian Lake.

Is Pahalgam mini Switzerland?

Pahalgam also has its own mini Switzerland in Baisaran which can be accessed only on foot beyond a point. It also has its own golf course, lakes such as Sheshnag, Marsar, Tulian and the beautiful Kolahoi glacier. The Amarnath Yatra puts Pahalgam on the list of many India tour packages.

Which state is called Switzerland of India?

Mini Switzerland of India – Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh is truly a sight to behold.

Is there Airport in Pahalgam?

How to reach Pahalgam by Air. Pahalgaon doesn’t have any airport of its own and the nearest airport is Sheikh-ul-Alam airport, also known as Srinagar airport. This airport is around 95 km away from Pahalgam.

Does Pahalgam have snow?

If you love playing in snow, you must visit Pahalgam in the peak winter season during the months of December and January. The temperature drops down to sub-zero levels and the entire mountain range as well as the rough terrain is perfectly layered in snow making it a beautiful scenery altogether.

Why Kashmir is called Switzerland of India?

The beautiful crown of India, Kashmir is popularly known as the mini Switzerland in India. This is largely due to the snow clad mountains, pine trees, the pleasant weather all year round and abundance of mountains, lakes, landscapes, gardens and valleys.

Is Kashmir Switzerland of India?

Which is India’s Mini Switzerland?

Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh
Mini Switzerland of India – Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh is truly a sight to behold.

What is the best time to visit Pahalgam?

Best time to visit Pahalgam is probably during the months of July to October when entire Pahalgam is covered in a cascade of flowers.

What is special in Pahalgam?

What is Mini Switzerland in Pahalgam?

Which place is called Mini Switzerland in India?

Is Coorg Switzerland of India?

Coorg, the Switzerland of India enjoys pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. This place gives evergreen memories to its visitors. The aroma of cardamom and spices along with coffee and pepper are typical in taste. Coorg is famous for producing the tastiest honey and fragrant sandalwood.