What is Mary Somerville most known for?

What is Mary Somerville most known for?

Mary Somerville (December 26, 1780–November 29, 1872) was a mathematician, scientist, astronomer, geographer, and a gifted science writer, who in the era of burgeoning social and scientific change was able to convey both the substance of science and the “scientific sublime.”

Why is Mary Somerville important today?

She was a significant and inspiring woman, whose contributions to maths and science have had a profound impact on the world today. Somerville College at Oxford University was named after her in 1879, just a few years after her death.

What did Mary Somerville invent?

On a trip to Europe in 1817, Somerville met French physicist François Arago and French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace. She published her first scientific paper, “On the Magnetizing Power of the More Refrangible Solar Rays,” in 1826.

How old was Mary Somerville when she died?

91 years (1780–1872)Mary Somerville / Age at death

Where is Mary Somerville buried?

English Cemetery

Mary Somerville
Born Mary Fairfax26 December 1780 Jedburgh, Scotland
Died 29 November 1872 (aged 91) Naples, Italy
Resting place English Cemetery, Naples, Italy
Nationality Scottish

What did Mary Fairfax Somerville do?

Somerville conducted experiments to explore the relationship between light and magnetism and she published her first paper, “The magnetic properties of the violet rays of the solar spectrum”, in the Proceedings of the Royal Society in 1826.

Was the word scientist coined for Mary Somerville?

In a pinch, the well-known wordsmith coined the term “scientist” for Somerville. Whewell did not intend for this to be a gender-neutral term for “man of science;” rather, he made it in order to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of Somerville’s expertise.

Did Mary Somerville have siblings?

Thomas Somerville (1741–1830) (author of My Own Life and Times). Her childhood home was at Burntisland, Fife, where her mother was from. She was the second of four surviving children (three of her siblings had died in infancy).

What did Mary Somerville do for math?

Somerville studied higher mathematics and physical astronomy. She read Isaac Newton’s book Principia and began to submit solutions to problems posted in contests run by mathematics journals. In 1811, Somerville won a silver prize for solving a diaphiantine equations problem in Mathematical Repository.

Where did Mary Somerville died?

Naples, ItalyMary Somerville / Place of death

Who invented the word scientist?

William Whewell
In 1834, Cambridge University historian and philosopher of science William Whewell coined the term “scientist” to replace such terms as “cultivators of science.” Historian Howard Markel discusses how “scientist” came to be, and lists some possibilities that didn’t make the cut.

Where did Mary Somerville go to college?

the University of Oxford
Scientific career Somerville College, a college of the University of Oxford, is named after her, reflecting the virtues of liberalism and academic success which the college wished to embody.

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Is Somerville College part of Oxford?

Somerville College is part of Oxford for South East.

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