Is there a way to save Nanami in Suikoden 2?

Is there a way to save Nanami in Suikoden 2?

By far the safest (and quickest) way is to simply choose Defend every time. Eventually, the battle will end. When Jowy offers to give you his rune, continue to refuse every time. After you do that enough times, you’ll receive the true ending, wherein Nanami and Jowy both live.

Can Ridley be saved Suikoden 2?

No he can die in that battle. If he does, his son will take his place as a star.

How do you get Mondo and Sasuke in Suikoden 2?

The entrance is hidden on the 4th screen in the Forest Path to Gregminster. Hanzo will order Mondo and him to join. If you recruited Kasumi, she must be in the active party. If you recruited Valeria, you must have recruited 100 or more Stars of Destiny….Role in the Game.

Recommended Equipment
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How do you get the good ending in Suikoden 2?

The best ending in Suikoden II has a mixed response from fans. Requiring the player to have recruited all 108 Stars before heading to Rockaxe and having saved Nanami from certain death, this ending gives the original trio a surprisingly bittersweet conclusion.

Can Kiba be saved Suikoden 2?

It’s impossible to save Kiba. He always dies.

What happened to JOWY Suikoden?

Jowy joins automatically at the Mercenary Fortress. He leaves permanantly before Muse is captured by Highland. However, he will join your party twice afterwards; during the battle with Gorudo and after he is healed by the Bright Shield Rune at the end of the game.

How do you recruit Lorelai?

Lorelai appears in Suikoden II as one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. She can be recruited in Greminster by speaking to her. The easiest way to is by having Killey in your party. Lorelai is a balanced physical attacker and magic user, and with her spear can operate from the front or rear rows.

How do you recruit Genshu in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game Speak to Genshu at the Coronet docks with anyone’s weapon sharped to level 14 or above. Must also have at least 101 stars. Note: If Tessai does not have the Silver Hammer, recruit and bring Pesmerga in your party, as his sword is level 14 automatically.

How do I recruit Leon Suikoden?

Role in the Game Speak to him in the house at Kalekka after attaining a Level 4 HQ. He will mention how impressive the Liberation Army has become. Then, speak to Mathiu at the HQ, whenever he is available, he will wrote and give you a letter. Deliver the letter to Leon and he will join.

How strong is Luca Blight?

Role in the Game So far, Luca’s stats are the most powerful of all bosses’ stats in the war tactics in that his attack is 18 and defense is 17. Luca is able to dispatch his opponents in one charge.

How do I recruit Gantetsu?

Gantetsu – Suikosource. How to Recruit: Speak with him at South Window after defeating Neclord and defeat him in a pushing contest. Note: Your party must have a combined strength of at least 400.

How do you get Karen in Suikoden 2?

Find her in the Inn in Kuskus after defeating Luca Blight. Dance successfully with her and she’ll join you.

How do you get Lorelai in Suikoden 2?

How do you recruit Anita?

There are two ways to recruit Anita.

  1. Speak with her at the tavern in Muse or the inn at Banner Village and complete her requests. Travel in/out of town in order to get more requests from her until she can be recruited.
  2. Speak with Anita at the Banner Village Inn with Valeria in the party. Her level this time is 40.

How do you get Mukumuku in Suikoden 2?

There are two ways to recruit Mukumuku:

  1. Examine the large tree behind Genkaku’s Dojo in Kyaro three times before meeting Nanami.
  2. Wander the path from Greenhill to the Muse/Greenhill Border until he enters your active party. There must be a free spot in the party, and chances are higher if less people are in it.

How do you get Mazus in Suikoden 2?

Speak to Mazus in the Tinto Mines after liberating Greenhill. You have to have at least 100 recruits, since he is a very proud man. Note: Mazus is one of the few characters that can be Lv. 99 upon recruiting due to a glitch.

Who is Leon Silverberg?

Leon Silverberg is the Chikai Star in Suikoden. He is a major antagonist in Suikoden II.

Who is the main antagonist in Luca?

Ercole Visconti
Character information Ercole Visconti is the main antagonist of the 2021 Disney•Pixar animated feature film, Luca.

Who is the evil Luca?

Luca Blight is the main antagonist of Suikoden II. He is the highly insane Prince of Highland, unmatched in battle, cruel and ruthless, harboring very great hatred toward the City States of Jowston and eventually humanity in general.

How do you recruit Oulan in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game Speak with the woman near the entrance of Kuskus to learn about the bandits attacking women. Exit and return with an all-female party and walk across the bridge. Oulan will save you and join you. You can get Oulan prior to obtaining your headquarters.

How do you recruit Mikumiku?

How to Recruit: Must have Makumaku recruited. Wander the path between Greenhill and Forest Village until Mikumiku enters your active party. There must be at least one free space.

How do you get Mokumoku?

Re: Mokumoku The quickest way to get any squirrel is to walk into its area, and immediately check to see if it joined. If it didn’t, you can turn right back around and head to town. The first step you take into the squirrel’s region causes the game to try to recruit it.

How do I recruit Abizboah?

Abizboah and Mazus can’t be recruited until after the Tinto scenario. His pool of water is fairly easy to recognize, it’s on the main path and there’s this spiral thing to the southeast of it.