Is ManTech a good company to work for?

Is ManTech a good company to work for?

Is ManTech a good company to work for? ManTech has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 1,457 reviews left anonymously by employees.

What type of company is ManTech International?

defense contracting firm
ManTech International Corporation is an American defense contracting firm that was co-founded in 1968 by Franc Wertheimer and George J. Pedersen. The company uses technology to help government and industry clients.

What does the company ManTech do?

ManTech offers secure and compliant solutions – from migrating applications to the cloud and proactively monitoring and managing IT operations, to running complex analytics and securing and defending IT infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Is ManTech a government company?

Today, we are a multibillion-dollar public company that provides the innovation, adaptability and critical thinking our government needs for success in defense, intelligence, law enforcement, science, administration, health and other fields—throughout the nation and in many countries around the world.

Does ManTech give bonuses?

Referral bonuses will be paid by Direct Deposit or company check from ManTech once all requirements have been satisfied. This program ends December 31, 2020. All referrals must be submitted on or before this date in order to be accepted.

What is it like to work at ManTech?

Work Experience I think ManTech is a great company the people are professional and responsive. They have a lot of opportunities to move around. Also the pay is competitive and the benefits are fair.

What is IT like to work at ManTech?

How many people work at ManTech?

We are comprised of more than 9,800 talented employees around the world. Nearly half of our employees are veterans. Many others come from the Intelligence Community, Homeland Security and federal civilian agencies.

How many employees does ManTech have?

How many employees does mantech have?

How many employees work at ManTech?

Is ManTech a Fortune 500 company?

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Who are ManTech competitors?

ManTech’s competitors ManTech’s top competitors include Perspecta, Leonardo DRS, SAIC, Parsons, Booz Allen Hamilton and CACI. ManTech International is a company that provides technologies, consulting services, and solutions for mission-critical national security programs.

Is Dominion Energy a Fortune 200 company?

Dominion Energy | 2022 Fortune 500 | Fortune.

What is the largest electric utility company in the US?

1. PG&E, CA. Pacific Gas & Electric Company of California claims the title of nation’s largest utility with more than 5.5 million customers across California.

Is mantech a Fortune 500 company?

What is the best utility company in the United States?

The top 25 utilities on this year’s Fortune 500

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Who is the largest utility company in the United States?

What is the best utility company?

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What is the biggest power company in the USA?

What is the largest electric company in the US?

Pacific Gas & Electric
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What is the largest utility company in the world?

The State Grid Corporation of China is the world’s biggest power company by revenue. Image courtesy of Ermell. State-owned electric utility State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) recorded a revenue of $347bn in 2018 to emerge as the world’s biggest power company.

Which energy companies are in trouble?

A total of 35 firms have gone into administration since September 2020.

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Which energy companies are at risk?

Pure Planet, Ampower, Zebra Energy and Neon Reef are believed to be among the companies at risk of collapse, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers. Pure Planet alone has around 250,000 customers.

How do I contact ManTech International?

ManTech International Corporation 2251 Corporate Park Drive Herndon, VA 20171 Phone: (703) 218-6000 ​​

Who is ManTech?

ManTech opened its doors for business as a defense contractor in 1968. Fifty years later we remain true to our commitment to support the missions of the armed forces and our global allies – on land, sea, air, under the waves and in cyberspace. ManTech proudly serves the Intelligence Community and the intelligence needs of the Department of Defense.

Why train with ManTech?

Our training provides the vision, leadership and curriculum to meet emerging educational needs. There is no shortage of need. ManTech supports its communities through donations, partnership and encouragement to volunteer to make a difference.

Why choose ManTech for your intelligence needs?

ManTech proudly serves the Intelligence Community and the intelligence needs of the Department of Defense.