How does Gale have 42 entries?

How does Gale have 42 entries?

All Gale wants is to keep his family and those close to him safe. By the time he was 18 (the same year “The Hunger Games” takes place), he had put his name into the Reaping 42 times in order to gain extra food for his family and reduce the chance of his three younger siblings being chosen as a District 12 tribute.

Why is Katniss scared of Cato?

Q. Why is Katniss scared of Cato? He is big and strong.

How long does Katniss have before she can step off the metal plate?

When the tributes enter the arena from the tube they are faced with land mines in front of the launch plate to ensure that the tributes do not step off of their plate before the one minute is up, and if they do, they will be blown up by the land mines.

What is the meaning of the phrase the protocol has become rusty from page 22 when referring to the reaping procedures?

What is the meaning of the phrase, “the protocol has become rusty” from page 22 when referring to the Reaping procedures? The directions for the reaping were lost many years ago. The directors are trying to decide whether they will accept Katniss as a volunteer.

How many times was Prim’s name entered for the reaping?

Katniss’s sister, Prim, is only twelve and has taken no tesserae, so her name is only in once. Katniss returns home, and after she gets ready, goes with her mother and Prim to the town square. That’s where the reaping, which is televised and treated like a festive event, takes place in their district.

Is Hunger Games ok for 11 year old?

The Hunger Games is a very Good choice for Kids 14 or over, but its an iffy choice for children under 13. If your older tweens have read the book, just save the film for later.

What happens if you step off the platform in the Hunger Games?

In the Hunger Games, the games begin with Tributes on a platform surrounded by landmines. If they step off their platform before the cannon fires, they trigger the landmines and are blown to smithereens. In the first Hunger Games book, one of the Tributes actually digs up the mines and uses them.

Why does Cinna ask for the District 12 tributes?

District 12, virtually ignored in the Games, provided him practically a clean slate on which to create something no one had ever seen before. He could have chosen District 12 as an all-or-nothing gamble on his future success. This assumes that Cinna was not part of the revolutionary plot before the Games began.

What does vermin mean in Hunger Games?

vermin. (n) various small animals or insects, such as rats or cockroaches. entrails. (n) the internal organs, especially the intestines. forage.

Why did Katniss drown Buttercup?

Katniss was averse to adopting him for posing an additional burden to the family. She tries to drown Buttercup in their header tank to spare them from further suffering, but is stopped by Prim and reluctantly allows him to stay.

How old is Finnick Odair?

-Katniss describing Finnick. Finnick Odair was the most handsome victor from District 4 who won The 65th Hunger Games and holds the record for the youngest Hunger Games victor ever, at age 14. He was also the first male victor in District 4.

Is The Hunger Games an 18?

The book is rated by Scholastic as grade 5.3 and for ages 11-13. Parents’ concerns about The Hunger Games center around violence. The book has a lot of it, and it is graphic at times. Much of the plot focuses on “the games” in which children kill children.

Are Cato and Clove dating?

In the film, Cato and Clove seemed to have no relationship with each other beyond that of allies. Cato wasn’t shown coming to Clove’s aid during the feast, though she screamed his name twice.

Has anyone scored a 12 in Hunger Games?

The first and only ones who received a 12 is Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in the 75th Hunger Games, but it is implied that they received this score primarily to make them targets to the rest of the tributes. Due to Katniss’ abilities, it is also implied that her score of 12 is otherwise justifiable.

What if no one kills in Hunger Games?

The chances of all 24 kids choosing, simultaneously, to not fight and kill each other is highly unlikely. All it would take is one of them to attack another and the whole idea crumbles. That said, if it actually did happen, the gamemakers would create some sort of circumstance to incentivize them.

Who does Peeta say the Avox girl reminds him of?

Haymitch explains that an Avox is someone who committed a crime and had their tongue cut out. Katniss says it must be a mistake, and Peeta covers for her by saying the Avox girl resembles someone from there school.

What district is Effie from?

District 12
Effie Trinket is the escort of the District 12 tributes, accompanying them to the District, including Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, being an advisor to the pair. By the end of Mockingjay, she is the only Escort from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games alive after the Second Rebellion.