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Who hit most triple centuries in Test cricket?

Who hit most triple centuries in Test cricket?

DG Bradman

Player Span 100
DG Bradman (AUS) 1928-1948 29
V Sehwag (ICC/INDIA) 2001-2013 23
CH Gayle (WI) 2000-2014 15
BC Lara (ICC/WI) 1990-2006 34

How many triple Centurys are there in Test cricket?

31 occasions
A triple century (an individual score of 300 or more) in Test cricket has been scored on 31 occasions by 27 batsmen from eight of the twelve Test-cricket playing nations. No player from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ireland or Zimbabwe has scored 300.

Which Indian made 2 triple centuries in Test cricket?

Virender Sehwag
Don Bradman, Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle & Brian Lara, all have equally scored 2 triple century in test cricket.

Who scored 300 in Indian Test?

1- Brian Lara and Chris Gayle (West Indies), Donald Bradman (Australia), and Virender Sehwag (India) are the only batsmen to score 300 plus score more than once in the test matches. 2- The highest score (400) in the test match is achieved by the great Brian Lara.

Who hit 300 runs in ODI?

Don Bradman is international cricket history’s only player to score 300+ runs in one day, accomplishing the feat on July 11, 1930.

Who took fastest 400 wickets in Test?

Fastest 400 wickets in Test

Player Matches Team
Ravichandran Ashwin 77 India
Richard Hadlee 80 New Zealand
Dale Steyn 80 South Africa
Rangana Herath 84 Sri Lanka

Who scored 300 in Test debut?

The first Test triple century was achieved by Andy Sandham of England against West Indies in 1930, and the most recent was scored by Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka against South Africa in 2006.

Who scored 4 consecutive centuries in ODI?

Kumar Sangakkara
Kumar Sangakkara scored four consecutive centuries, a record in ODIs, in the 2015 tournament.

Who took 20 wickets in Test match?

In 1956, he achieved a still-unequalled world record when he took nineteen (of a maximum twenty) wickets in a Test match at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester, enabling England to defeat Australia in what has become known as “Laker’s Match”….Jim Laker.

Personal information
1962–1964 Essex
Career statistics

Who took fastest 50 wickets in Test?

Charlie Turner
Among the bowlers in the 21st century, former South Africa pacer Vernon Philander is the fastest to reach 50 wickets in Test cricket….Fastest to 50 Test wickets: Know the full list.

Player Charlie Turner (AUS)
Opposition England
Year 1888
Matches 6

Who is the youngest Test double centurion?

Javed Miandad

Player Age Scorecard
Javed Miandad 19y 140d Test # 784
GA Headley 20y 308d Test # 193
VG Kambli 21y 32d Test # 1214
GS Sobers 21y 213d Test # 450

Who scored fastest 150 in ODI?

The record for the fastest 150 remains with AB de Villiers, who took 64 balls to get there against West Indies at the 2015 World Cup.

Who take 10 wickets in a match?

10 Wickets in an Test Innings

# Player Wickets
1 JC Laker 10
2 A Kumble 10
3 AY Patel 10

Who took 19 wickets in a match?

Jim Laker
Jim Laker will always be remembered for his bowling in the Test match at Old Trafford in 1956, when he took 19 Australian wickets for 90, 9 for 37 in the first innings and 10 for 53 in the second. No other bowler has taken more than seventeen wickets in a first-class match, let alone in a Test match.

Who took fastest 200 wickets in Test?

R Ashwin holds the Indian record for the fastest to 200 Test wickets as he got there in his 37th Test while Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah holds the overall record, getting to the milestone in his 33rd Test.

Who is the fastest to 300 Test wickets?

spinner Ravichandran Ashwin
Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is the fastest to cross the 300-wicket mark (54 Tests), while the late West Indian player Malcolm Marshall has the best bowling average (20.94) among those who have achieved the milestone.

Who can score 300 in ODI?