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What size is a headset spanner?

What size is a headset spanner?

The wrench has four different sizes including 30mm, 32mm, 36mm and 40mm for varied application on bikes and other equipment.

What is a headset wrench used for?

Park Tool HCW-15 Bicycle Headset Wrench – 32mm/36mm The Park Tool HCW-15 is a purpose-built wrench for the installation, removal, and adjustment of threaded bicycle headsets. Features 32mm and 36mm openings to fit a wide variety of threaded headset standards.

What size are headset nuts?

The threaded standards are 1 inch, 1-1/8 inch, and 1-1/4 inch headsets. The various standards are generally not interchangeable. For more on threaded headsets including the various standards see Threaded Headset Service.

Do you need cone wrenches?

Cone wrenches In order to get into those hard-to-reach slots on hub axle cones you are going to need a good set of cone wrenches. Front hubs usually require a 13mm on the axle cone and a 15mm for the locknut. Rear hubs usually require a 15mm on the axle cone and a 17mm for the locknut.

What tools are needed to adjust a threaded headset?

Headset Bearing Adjustment

  • Use a headset wrench to hold lower race (adjustable race).
  • Using a large adjustable wrench, turn locknut counter-clockwise to loosen.
  • By hand, turn lower race clockwise until it contacts ball bearings.
  • Turn race back counter-clockwise at least 1/4 turn from this setting.

Are cone wrenches necessary?

Some special bicycle tools are time- and labor- savers for jobs that could be done with standard tools; other special tools are absolutely necessary to do certain jobs. Among the essential special tools are cone wrenches. No standard tools can take their place.

Can you ride with a loose headset?

A loose headset may damage or destroy the fork steerer or headtube. Riding a loose headset is extremely detrimental to bearing lifespan. If you suspect a loose headset feel for a “clunk”, “knock” or “click” in the front end of the bike. Pull the front brake and rock the bike back and forth.

Do you need a headset removal tool?

A headset is made up of a number of pieces that allow it to turn freely under the preload that keeps it from rattling around. The two main and most obvious parts are the upper and lower headset cups. These are pressed into your frame and require tools to remove and install.

Which cone spanner do I need?

Cone wrenches usually come in 13 x 14-millimeter, 15 x 16-millimeter, and 17 x 18-millimeter sizes. If you intend to do your own maintenance, you should have at least one and preferably two of each size needed for your hubs.