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What should I put on my wedding website examples?

What should I put on my wedding website examples?

If you’re planning on making a wedding website, make sure to include:

  • About us/our story. Tell your love story so guests can get to know you better.
  • Location. Include the address to your wedding venue(s), directions, and available accommodation nearby.
  • Event details.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Wedding registry.
  • RSVP.

What do you put in the tab on a wedding website?

Include start times, locations, dress codes, and pertinent transportation details for any important wedding weekend events that all guests will be invited to, such as the welcome party, ceremony, reception, and after-party.

What do you put in the things to do on wedding website?

Your wedding website’s homepage is the front page of your site—and the first thing your guests will see! We recommend having a short-and-sweet welcome message, a favorite photo of you and your partner, your names, and the major details of your wedding: including the date, location, and start time.

What do I write on the first page of my wedding website?

When it comes to formatting, you might want to first include a playful tagline, and then outline the key features of your wedding website that will assist guests in their preparations. We also recommend signing off with a heartfelt thank you and a reminder to RSVP!

How do you write a wedding website description?

Consider the following tagline examples:

  1. (Name) and (name) are getting hitched!
  2. It’s finally happening!
  3. (Name) and (name) are tying the knot!
  4. We’re getting married!
  5. He put a ring on it!
  6. Join us for our wedding.
  7. It’s wedding time!
  8. It’s party time!

How do you ask for money instead of gifts for your wedding?

  1. Use a Cash Registry Website.
  2. Never Ask for Cash on Your Wedding Invitation.
  3. Be Specific About How You’ll Use the Cash.
  4. Ask Your Parents and Wedding Party to Spread the Word.
  5. Set up a Traditional Registry.
  6. Set Out a Box for Cards at the Reception.
  7. Ideally, Checks Should Be Made Out to Both Of You.

How do you word attire on a wedding website?

Where to include your Dress Code

  1. Your Wedding Invitation. You can include your Dress Code on the lower left or right-hand corner of the invitation.
  2. A separate Information / Details card.
  3. Your Wedding Website.
  4. White Tie.
  5. Black Tie.
  6. Formal or Black Tie Optional.
  7. Lounge Suit or Semi-Formal.
  8. Jacket & Tie.

How do I make my wedding website stand out?

6 tips for making your wedding website useful AND stylish

  1. Keep it simple. There’s no reason to add in any information or details that you just don’t feel compelled to share.
  2. Utilize photography.
  3. Focus on the hierarchy of information.
  4. Offer an RSVP.
  5. Cheat with a beautiful template.
  6. Take advantage of perks from your wedsite.

What should I write on my registry page?

We are so incredibly thankful for the effort you’ll be making to join us for our special day in (destination). Your presence is your present, so please, no gifts! We are lucky enough to have everything we need for this new chapter together, so please, no gifts required!

Is it tacky to ask for money for wedding gift?

Emily Post and other etiquette professionals contend that “you should never ask for money on the invitation” as it is presumptuous, rude and in poor taste. Instead, the information should be spread informally among family and friends. However, everyone does not agree, even within the etiquette circle.

How do you describe a black tie on a wedding website?

Black tie is slightly less formal than white tie, but much more common for formal, evening events that don’t involve celebrities or socialites. Women should wear a formal, floor-length gown, a dressy cocktail dress, or a chic pantsuit.

Should you put your menu on your wedding website?

Regardless of whether you’re having a buffet or a seated dinner, including your menu options is a smart and considerate contribution to your website. If it’s a buffet, guests can prepare in advance for what they’ll want to eat so they don’t fill up their plate with meat and rolls not knowing there was pasta at the end.

What information should be included in a wedding invitation?

What to Include in Wedding Invitations

  • Names of the hosts.
  • The couple’s names.
  • Date and time of ceremony.
  • Ceremony and reception location.
  • Attire details.
  • Wedding Website address.
  • RSVP card.
  • Extra information about venue.

How do you tell guests about your wedding registry?

Through a personal wedding site, you can easily let your guests know about many important wedding details, including your registries. You can even include your wedding website in your invitations, send e-postcards to guests with website info, or use announcement cards.

How much money should I give for a 2021 wedding gift?

Each year, the typical amount varies just a bit, but to be honest the amount for how much to give for a wedding gift cash 2021 vs. 2022 isn’t much different! We’re seeing the same general amount to give for a wedding gift of cash: anywhere within the $75 to $200 range is the norm.

How do I describe my wedding website dress code?

Try to use familiar terminology such as black tie, cocktail attire, semi-formal, or dressy-casual. It also helps to list some attire suggestions to help guests understand your vision better. For example for a black tie wedding you might add – tuxedos or dark suits for gentlemen, gowns or cocktail attire for the ladies.

How do you phrase a wedding dress code?

Traditional wedding attire wording:

  1. Black tie (tuxedos and formal gowns)
  2. Formal, black tie optional (suit and tie and dresses)
  3. Semi-formal (suit and tie and cocktail dresses)
  4. Cocktail attire (suits and party dresses)
  5. Beach or garden party attire (summer suits and summer dresses)

What should you not include on your wedding website?

What to Avoid Regarding Your Wedding Website

  • Don’t Spend Too Much Time.
  • Don’t Demand.
  • Opening photo courtesy of Minted. Don’t Add Information on Exclusive Pre-Wedding Events.
  • Don’t Use the Website for RSVPs.

Does The Knot take a percentage of cash gifts?

The Knot charges one of the lowest fees in the wedding industry at 2.5 percent, and we don’t take any commission.

How much money does Zola take?

Zola charges a 2.7 percent fee when a wedding guest gives cash. Couples can choose to pass on the fee to their guests or pay themselves. The company’s main revenue source is the cut it receives from the brands and companies whose products and activity packages it sells.

Is it rude to put registry on invitation?

It’s absolutely appropriate for the host to list your registry information on your bridal shower invitations. The scoop on where you’re registered will naturally spread from your shower guests to your wedding guests, trust us!

What does a wedding website template look like?

Your wedding website template will include other tabs for directions, travel and lodging accommodations, photos and your registry. To keep it organized and user-friendly, reserve the landing page for the basics. Your guests can poke around your site to find what they need.

What should your wedding website wording look like in 2020?

While virtual weddings have gained in popularity in 2020, not everyone has attended one. You’ll want to be overly detailed, if anything, as you share when, what, and how. This is when you’re going to want your wedding website wording to be super clear… repetitive even.

What should be included on a wedding website welcome message?

While your site should also include your registry, guest accommodations and photos of you and your S.O., a welcome message is another important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to help you craft the best wedding website welcome message, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite examples and ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

How do I format my wedding website for guests?

When it comes to formatting, you might want to first include a playful tagline, and then outline the key features of your wedding website that will assist guests in their preparations. We also recommend signing off with a heartfelt thank you and a reminder to RSVP!