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What is the meaning of Gujarati meaning?

What is the meaning of Gujarati meaning?

The definition of a Gujarati is a person living in Gujarat or the language of Gujarat. An example of a Gujarati is a person living in the state of Gujarat in western India. noun. The definition of Gujarati is relating to the state of Gujarat.

What is the meaning of chapli?

Answer : The Gujarati word ” Chapli ” use for ” A girls who speak a lot ” or ” A girl who share a lot of thing abut anyone as “.

What is Babuchak?

BABUCHAK. It is used when someone is so silly that it’s funny. “Itna babuchak jaisa hai re yeh.” CHAPLI/O. This means ‘dedh shaana’ or over smart.

How do you say kyu in Gujarati?

How to say Kyu in Gujarati?…Kyu in Gujarati.

English Gujarati
Kyu ક્યુ

What is your name meaning in Gujarati?

What is your name : તમારું નામ શું છે

What is Dalchini Gujarati?

cinnamon in Gujarati: તજ

What is Panchat?

1 : a village council in India: a : a former group of five influential older men acknowledged by the community as its governing body. b : an elective council of about five members organized in the republic of India as an organ of village self-government.

What is meaning of Kem Cho Majama?

kem chho? means How are you? majama means Fine ! kem chho majama means kaise ho , thik ho na? See a translation.

What does Topa mean in Gujarati?


તોપખાનાનું એકમ troop
તોપચી cannoneer
તોપચી gossip
તોપનું ગાડું carriage
તોપનો ગોળો bombshell

What is the Hindi meaning of vedI?

/vedī/ nf. altar countable noun. An altar is a holy table in a church or temple. /vedi, vedI, vedee, vedī/

What is Baporiyu in Gujarati?

Baporiyu is a Gujarati Slang used for Afternoon Sex.

What language is Gujarati?

Gujarati language, Indo-Aryan member of the Indo-Iranian group of Indo-European languages. Gujarati is officially recognized in the Indian constitution and is spoken by more than 46 million people.

What do we call Pagal in Gujarati?

pagal means gando In gujarati.

What is the meaning of Dalchini in Marathi?

cinnamon in Marathi: दालचिनी

What is Tej Patta in Gujarati?

dried leaf of the bay laurel.

What is Panchat called in English?

nf. Panchayat countable noun. In India, a Panchayat is a village council.

What is called Sarpanch in English?

sarpanch in British English (səˈpʌntʃ ) the head of a panchayat.

What is the meaning of Saru che?

It means are you fine/ok/alright? and you can reply the same word in answer form.. saru chhe.

What is the meaning of Kaamchor?

a person who avoids hard work
kaamchor in British English or kamchor (ˈkɑːmtʃɔː ) Indian. a person who avoids hard work. Collins English Dictionary.

What does Baka mean in Gujarati?

@MNN: people use it as that but in technical terms Baka means son/boy.

What is the meaning of Vedi in Malayalam?

Woman, conform or thy name
Woman, conform or thy name is ‘vedi’

What is the meaning of Kathiyawadi?

Kathiyawadi cuisine – a spicy and fiery cuisine that hails from an Indian western state Gujarat. Kathyiawad is comprised of Saurashtra region with major cities such as Porbandar, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Junagadh.

Do Gujaratis eat non veg?

While it is frequently referred to as a vegetarian state, Gujarat actually has a larger meat-eating population than Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana. Including the coastal population (which eats seafood), Dalits and Muslims, at least 40% of Gujaratis eat meat.

What is the dress of Gujarat?

Gujarat Traditional Dresses: The traditional Gujarati dresses for men include Kediya or kurta on the top and dhoti or chorno at the bottom. Women in Gujarati wear sarees or chaniya Choli. Recently, they have started wearing Salwar Kameez as well.