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What is the latest version of PLAXIS 2D?

What is the latest version of PLAXIS 2D?

We are happy to announce that in September 2020, we released new PLAXIS versions:

  • PLAXIS 2D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 4.
  • PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 4.
  • PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition V20 Update 4.
  • PLAXIS Output Viewer CONNECT Edition V20 Update 4 for PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D.

How do I load in PLAXIS 2D?

In PLAXIS simultaneously both static and dynamic load can be applied, you have to use point load tool bar for application of static load on the pile and use dynamic load multiplier for application of dynamic dynamic load you have to apply ground motion at bed rock could get dynamic load …

What is PLAXIS software used for?

PLAXIS is the leading geotechnical engineering simulation software developed specifically for deformation analysis of soils and rock.

How do I learn PLAXIS?

What I will suggest is to start with a small analysis problem and solve it using plaxis with help of some youtube tutorials. Apart from that Plaxis manual is pretty good for in detail learning. Start by studying the Plaxis software manuals: reference manual, tutorial manual and material model manual.

How much does PLAXIS cost?

PLAXIS 3D Pricing

Name Price
PLAXIS 3D 12-Month Subscription $ 9,990 – $ 13,875 USD

What is PLAXIS connect?

Date created. 10 January 2019. Date modified. 05 October 2021. PLAXIS Connect is automatically installed with the legacy PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D software (PLAXIS 2D 2019 and earlier, PLAXIS 3D 2018 and earlier) and is used for updating your CodeMeter licence.

How do I use dynamic load in plaxis 3D?

Activation of a dynamic load

  1. the dynamic (i.e., time-dependent) component of a given load should be activated;
  2. a non-zero value should be assigned to the reference value of the dynamic component of the load, qx,start,ref or/and qy,start,ref (or/and qz,start,ref, in PLAXIS 3D);

What is meshing in PLAXIS?

Learn more about PLAXIS CONNECT. Swept meshing refers to the method in which a face of a volume (termed as source face) is meshed and then “swept” along the main volume following its trajectory (termed as sweeping direction), thus creating a volume mesh.

Is plaxis hard to learn?

PLAXIS 3D is a very tough software to crack since it has a software and a hardware lock.

How do you draw a circle in plaxis?

1- Go to the structure option in PLAXIS 3D and select create polycurve option. 2- Select the centre of pile in drawing area and the shape designer window will appear. 3- Select from the shape tab the circular option. 4- Go to the segments and select the radius of the pile.

How do I download plaxis?

The PLAXIS 2D Installation Wizard opens. click the Browse button (…) next to Installation Directory field. In the Browse For Folder dialog that opens, browse to the drive and folder where you want to install PLAXIS 2D, then click OK.

What is meshing in plaxis?

What is soil hardening model?

The Hardening Soil model is an advanced model for the simulation of soil behaviour. As for the Mohr-Coulomb model, limiting states of stress are described by means of the friction angle phi, the cohesion c and the dilatancy angle psi.

What is embedded beam row?

An embedded beam is a structural object (such as a pile, rock bolt or grout body) composed of beam elements that can be placed in arbitrary direction in the sub-soil and that interacts with the sub-soil by means of special interface elements. The interaction may involve a skin resistance as well as a foot resistance.

How can I improve my mesh quality plaxis?

However, to improve the mesh quality, which defines the analysis speed and result accuracy, check the quality table and refine or coarsen the elements. Considering both convergence and quality helps you to get accurate results in short time.

What is coarseness factor in plaxis?

In PLAXIS 3D, the Fine option is used for the Element distribution to generate the mesh. The top model boundary is refined with a Coarseness factor of 0.3.

How much does plaxis cost?

How do I learn plaxis?

How do I download and install PLAXIS 2D?

How can I download PLAXIS student version?

You go to PLAXIS official web site and there is a free download student versions. You click on this tool and register yourself. After verifying your official institute e-mail id then, you can download free version. The free version is as good as original version.

How do I get a model pile cap in plaxis?


  1. Figure 1: 3D model of a simple pile raft.
  2. Figure 2: Bending moment in simple pile raft model.
  3. Figure 3: The use of 3D embedded beam for modeling many piles.
  4. Figure 4: Property definition of 3D embedded beam for pile modeling.
  5. Figure 5: Available results for embedded beams in PLAXIS 3D.

What is mesh in plaxis?