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What happened to the Alday family?

What happened to the Alday family?

Six members of the Alday family were shot dead by escaped convicts who came to their home seeking gas. It remains the second largest mass murder in Georgia history. The only bigger one was the Woolfolk ax murders that happened in Bibb County in 1887.

What happened to Carl Isaacs?

Carl Junior Isaacs, Jr. was 20-years-old in 1995; deputies believe they found his remains just one day after his death. Isaacs was from Delavan, Wis. Investigators revealed Tuesday what DNA testing had confirmed in May, the identity of skeletal remains found November 11, 1995.

What happened Billy Isaacs?

He ultimately was executed by lethal injection. Coleman and Dungee escaped the death penalty and were sentenced to life in prison. Dungee died in 2006. Billy Isaacs pleaded to lesser charges, served 20 years in prison, received parole and was returned to Maryland in 1993.

Is Wayne Coleman still alive?

Billy Isaacs was released from prison in 1993, and died in Florida on May 4, 2009. George Dungee died in prison on April 4, 2006. Only Wayne Coleman remains incarcerated (as of 2019). The murders were the subject on an award-winning 1977 documentary called Murder One direceted by Fleming ‘Tex’ Fuller.

Where did the Alday murders happen?

Four days later they stopped at the Alday farm outside Donalsonville, Georgia, in Seminole County, looking for gas. After breaking into a family trailer, they murdered six Alday family members as they returned home from work, including Mary Alday, who was raped and murdered.

Where are the aldays buried?

In October of 1998, Ernestine Alday died. She was buried alongside her husband and children in the Spring Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.

Who killed the aldays?

Billy also testified that when Carl had gone to kill Aubrey Alday, as Wayne Coleman was killing Sugie Alday, his gun had only clicked; Carl had shot it so many times it ran out of bullets. He had run to Billy, grabbed his pistol and then gone back into the bedroom, after which Billy testified he heard one or two shots.

Where is Superstar Billy Graham?

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham is currently hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

Who was Donalsonville GA named after?

John Ernest Donalson
Donalsonville, Georgia, is named after John Ernest Donalson (1846-1920), who was a prominent businessman in the area. Donaslon built the first lumber mill in the area, which was the catalyst for the town’s growth. Donalsonville was first chartered as a town in Georgia on Dec. 8, 1897.

Is Donalsonville GA a good place to live?

Donalsonville is a small little town in the South West corner of Georgia. The town itself is a beautiful place especially for farming and would be a wonderful place to raise children.

Where does the last name Alday come from?

Spanish form of Basque Aldai, a habitational name from any of several places in the Basque country called Alday or Aldai, from Basque alde ‘side’, ‘slope’. Americanized form of German Aldag.

How big is Donalsonville?

3.99 mi²Donalsonville / Area

What does Alday mean?

Spanish form of Basque Aldai, a habitational name from any of several places in the Basque country called Alday or Aldai, from Basque alde ‘side’, ‘slope’. Americanized form of German Aldag. English: variant spelling of Allday.

What caused Ruth Grahams death?

Ruth Graham was bedridden for months with degenerative osteoarthritis of the back and neck, and fell into a coma on Wednesday following a recent bout with pneumonia. A spokesman said she died peacefully with her husband and all five of her children at her bedside.

Is Donalsonville GA Safe?

Donalsonville has an overall crime rate of 12 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Donalsonville is 1 in 81.

Is all day one word?

taking up, extending through, lasting for, or occurring continually during a day, especially the hours of daylight; daylong: an all-day tour of the city; an all-day lollipop.

What was Billy Graham’s personal net worth when he died?

$25 million
According to the wealth-tracking site, Billy Graham’s net worth was an estimated $25 million at the time of his death.

Did Billy Graham have a wife?

Ruth GrahamBilly Graham / Wife (m. 1943–2007)