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What engine was in the Mack in Convoy?

What engine was in the Mack in Convoy?

In this corner is the 1977 Mack RS786LST of “Rubber Duck” from the movie Convoy. This truck was equipped with a Mack “tip turbine” turbocharged inline six diesel that made 283hp. The engine was backed by a 10-speed Fuller Roadmaster transmission.

What was the rubber duck hauling in the movie Convoy?

1977 Mack RS712LST
Well, for two days only I am living the dream – as I go in search of some of Convoy’s filming locations. In the movie, Martin ‘Rubber Duck’ Penwald drives a 1977 Mack RS712LST (although several other Mack RS700L-series trucks were used as doubles and stationary props).

What was the rubber ducks truck?

Many truck enthusiasts are sure to remember the Mack RS-712LST which was made famous in the classic 1978 movie, Convoy. Directed by Sam Peckinpah, Convoy featured an all star cast including Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw and the legendary actor Ernest Borgnine.

Where is the Mack truck from Convoy?

Rubber Duck Mack Truck RS700L from the movie “Convoy” at Museum of Transportation – St. Louis, MO_IMG_0852.

Did Kris Kristofferson drive the truck in Convoy?

In Convoy: A 1977 Mack RS786LST Truck In his next film, Convoy, Kristofferson played a truck driver out to fight for his and his fellow truck-drivin’ brethren’s rights.

Did Mack make a V8 engine?

A new 998 CID V8 engine series has been developed by Mack Trucks, Inc. to supplement its line of heavy duty diesel engines. These engines, the E9 Series, are available in two configurations–a 400 bhp (298 kW) high torque rise version and a 440 bhp (328 kW) conventional torque backup version.

Why was Lyle laughing at the end of Convoy?

Then the truckers who are at the funeral all drive away and Dirty Lyle laughs because he sees Rubber Duck is alive, even though he’s literally the guy who spent all of his time trying to kill him.

Was the movie Convoy a true story?

It is about a fictional group of truckers that organize a protest over Citizen’s Band (CB) radio using their own made up code words. Although the story in the song is fictional, it is inspired by real protests and the CB radio fad.

What does Rubber Duck mean in CB talk?

“Rubber duck” – the first vehicle in a convoy. “Rubbernecker” – Vehicles that further slow down or impede already congested traffic by rotating their heads 180 degrees to view the accident or traffic incident and not paying attention to the road ahead.

What is the biggest Mack engine?

16-liter Mack MP10 engine
The 16-liter Mack MP10 engine, the most powerful Mack engine offered, carries over unchanged. With up to 605 horsepower and 2,060 lb. -ft. of torque, the MP10 comes standard in the Titan by Mack model, the ideal choice for heavy-haul, severe-duty applications.

What engine does Freightliner use?

The Detroit DD16 Engine delivers strength and efficiency on the road or on the job site. Detroit offers a big-bore workhorse with up to 600 horsepower and 2050 lb-ft of torque, delivering more efficient and dependable power and performance.

Who is dirty Lyles wife in Convoy?

The “trucker” turns out to be Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” Wallace, a long-time nemesis of the Duck, who extorts them for $70 each. The truckers head on to Rafael’s Glide-In where the Duck’s sometime girlfriend and Lyle’s wife, Violet, works as a waitress.

What city is called Shaky Town?

Truckers have also created some great nicknames for American cities. Los Angeles is commonly known as “Shaky Town.” In fact, most city slang names refer to what the city is known for.

Why do truckers say breaker 19?

You see, when a trucker says this, he or she is asking permission to break into the conversation other truckers are having on their Citizen Band (CB) radios, on Channel 19.

Is Freightliner owned by Ford?

Daimler AG acquired American truck manufacturer Freightliner in 1981. The company is headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and it operates as Daimler Trucks North America LLC. The company is known mainly for its heavy-duty class 8 diesel trucks, commonly known as semis, and also produces smaller class 5-7 trucks.

What is the most reliable truck engine?

Toyota UR 5.7L V8 Even in the last decade, no other pickup truck has been nominated as the most reliable and cost-effective over two times like Tundra, which houses this massive engine. This engine has won eight times and that makes it one of the reliable and best pickup truck engines for you.

What happened to Spider Mike in Convoy?

He had left the convoy to be with his wife after she gave birth to their son. Wallace’s plan is to use Mike as “bait” to trap Rubber Duck. A janitor at the jail, aware of the plan, send messages by CB radio that Spider Mike has been wrongfully arrested and beaten.

Why do truckers say what’s your 20?

What’s your 20? is part of a system of radio codes called 10-codes. They developed in the late 1930s when police squads began using two-way radio to communicate. One was 10-20, meaning “location.” Asking What’s your 20? emerged as a way to seek another’s whereabouts.

Why do truckers say breaker?

Why do truckers call cops Smokies?

Smokey: A term for law enforcement personnel, derived from an association of the style of hat worn by some state troopers with the one worn by Smokey the Bear.

What is a Jimmy in trucking?

Hood. A conventional road tractor, with the engine in front of the cab. Jimmy. A GMC road tractor. Juice Box.

Does Detroit make Volvo engines?

The move leaves Detroit Diesel Corp., a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, as the only producer of the leviathan power plants. “Effective immediately, Volvo Trucks has discontinued North American production of the 16-liter Volvo D16 engine,” spokesman Brandon Borgna said Jan.