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Is Jennifer Byrne still married?

Is Jennifer Byrne still married?

Personal life. Byrne is married to comedian and independent film producer Andrew Denton, with whom she has one son. Byrne and Denton live in Sydney’s Surry Hills, New South Wales.

Is Jennifer Byrne related to royalty?

In short, Jennifer discovered she’s the descendant of three royal dynasties and of Sir Edward Neville, one of King Henry VIII’s courtiers who was beheaded as a traitor; his head put on a spike.

Who is Jennifer Byrnes husband?

Andrew DentonJennifer Byrne / Husband (m. 2004)Andrew Christopher Denton is an Australian television producer, comedian, Gold Logie-nominated television presenter and former radio host, and was the host of the ABC’s weekly television interview program Enough Rope and the ABC game show Randling. He is known for his comedy and interviewing technique. Wikipedia

How old is Jennifer Byrne?

67 years (March 5, 1955)Jennifer Byrne / Age

Is Marc Fennell married?

Madeleine GennerMarc Fennell / Spouse

What nationality is Marc Fennell?

AustralianMarc Fennell / Nationality

How old is Marc Fennell?

37 years (June 2, 1985)Marc Fennell / Age

Who is Marc Fennell wife?

Madeleine GennerMarc Fennell / Wife

What happened to Jeanette Byrne?

Melbourne society was shocked in 1965 by the behaviour of the former debutante and dazzling leader of the city’s younger set, Jeanette Byrne. The daughter of the former Victorian governor Sir Dallas Brooks, she left her fairytale marriage to Lieutenant-Commander Robin Byrne and bought a Murray Grey cattle stud with her friend Zita West.

How old were Jean and Robin Brooks when they got married?

They married in 1952 when Jean was 22 and Robin 25, and from that moment on every cough and sniff of their lives filled the society columns of the newspapers. Jennifer grandparents, General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks and Lady Muriel Violet Brooks circa 1950.

Who is the only daughter of Governor Dallas Brooks?

Miss JEANETTE BROOKS, only daughter of the Governor, Sir Dallas Brooks and Lady Brooks, will be married in Melbourne in February. Loading article contents, please wait…