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How strong is ultimate Humungousaur?

How strong is ultimate Humungousaur?

He is powerful enough to easily overpower one Humungousaur and hold his own against an army of them. In Ultimate Sacrifice, it is shown that he can lift Way Big, which shows that he is one of the strongest aliens in Ben’s Ultimatrix.

Who can defeat Humungousaur?

Four Arms has been confirmed to be stronger than Humungousaur. This is further proven in canon when the Tetramant Looma Red Wind overpowered Humungousaur, and Four Arms was able to defeat Looma.

Who is stronger four arms vs Humungousaur?

Four Arms has been confirmed to be stronger than Humungousaur.

Why is Humungousaur so weak?

Humungousaur is also very slow and combined with his naturally large physique, it makes him a very easy target for enemy attacks. Even his base size makes it impossible for him to fit into small spaces. Humungousaur is weak against electricity.

Is Jetray faster than XLR8?

XLR8 can run as fast as 500 mph. Jetray has been said to fly faster than the speed of sound, which is over 700 mph. And Astrodactyl isn’t even a speed alien, so Jetray is the fastest, XLR8 is the second fastest, and Fasttrack is the third.

Who Will Win Ben 10 or Hulk?

Originally Answered: Who would win, Ben 10 or Hulk? Well if you’re talking of the 10 year old Ben, then Hulk. But if you’re talking of 16 year old Ben, then Benjamin Tennyson wins this. Hands down.

Who is stronger four arms vs humungousaur?

Who can defeat clockwork?

In It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1, Clockwork defeated Mad Diamondhead before having his powers enhanced by Techno-Bubble. He then defeated Exo-Skull and Subdora, but was defeated himself by Maltruant.

Who does Ben 10 have a kid with?

Trivia. Kenny has met Big Chill’s offspring. The offspring are mentioned occasionally by Big Chill in Ben 10: Omniverse 2. After knocking enemies out, he sometimes says “My babies can finish this fight.”

What kind of alien is Wildmutt?

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