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Can we trust Nadi astrology?

Can we trust Nadi astrology?

Nadi Astrology gives details of one’s past very correctly including personal details but is inaccurate about future. This is because complete future is known to God alone! No branch of astrology can foretell future that is 100% correct. Therefore, expecting this is foolish.

Is Naadi Jyothisham true?

Yes. It is true as per my experience as well. NADI is a form of astrology which uses some intuitions, face reading and archetyping to decipher the birth details and predict based on moon transit. They say its written in the leaf but that’s surely not the case.

How do I find my Nadi?

You can find out what kind of Nadi you have by checking your Janam Nakshatra detail. You can use Nakshatra calculator it gives you all the details associated with your birth Nakshatra. If you know your birth Nakshatra you find your birth Nadi without the help of the Online Nadi Calculator just by referring below.

What if Nadi score is 0?

If any of these two shows 0 points in match making point chart, a defect is formed. For example if Nadi is showing 0 points, a Nadi Dosh is formed and if Bhakut is showing 0 points, a Bhakut Dosh is formed.

Can you marry with same Nadi?

According to the Vedic Astrology, marriage should not be done in any situation if there is a similar Nadi of the boy and girl. If the Nadi of the bride and groom is identical, then it is considered to be Nadi Dosha(defect) and marriage is not allowed in the same Nadi.

Can we marry with Nadi dosh?

Can we marry if Nadi is zero?

But the match is considered to be the least suitable when the partners belong to the same Nadi and 0 point is scored. When a couple scores 0 point out of 8, it is called “Nadi Dosha”. According to the popular conception, when both the partners belong to Aadi Nadi, there are strong chances of separation and divorce.

Can Nadi Dosha be removed?

Here are the Nadi Dosha Cancellation rules as per Vedic astrology. If the boy and girl have the same Nakshatras and Rashi (zodiac sign), then Nadi Dosha is said to be canceled. If the Lord of the zodiac is Mercury or Venus, or Jupiter, then Nadi Dosha is said to be canceled or eliminated despite having Eka Nadi Dosh.

Can we marry in Nadi dosh?

Is there any solution for Nadi dosh?

Donating gold, clothes, food, and grains to poor or needy people is an effective Nadi Dosha solution. A cow and Swarna-Nadi should be donated to one or more Brahmin families. One may also donate food equal to one’s weight on the birthday to alleviate the bad effects of Nadi Dosha on marriage.

What if Nadi score is zero?

What if Nadi points are 0?