“Our commitment to premium organic ingredients, local sourcing and green practices at Ca’ Momi Enoteca reflects our personal beliefs and values. We choose to support local purveyors and like minded businesses who value quality and sustainable practices. Our goal is to grow our business ethically and mindfully and offer the highest quality obsessively authentic Italian. Local, Organic & Italian.”
Valentina Guolo-Migotto
Co-Owner and Chef


Why obsessively authentic Italian?

Because we are Italian and we believe, when it comes to Italian food, a lot has been lost in translation. We think authentic Italian cuisine is good enough to stand on its own true flavors, so we only follow traditional Italian recipes, prepared with the best organic, local and Italian ingredients.


Our produce is local and organic, and a large portion of it is grown in our gardens. Most of our cheeses are imported from Italy. Cured meats are either imported from Italy or sourced from Creminelli. Our eggs and dairy are Clover Stornetta organic. Our meats are organic and locally sourced. Our mushrooms are organic and delivered fresh from Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms.


Ca’ Momi is a full service restaurant. Our tables are reserved for customers who choose our full dining experience. The Oxbow Market provides community tables where patrons can share meals from different vendors. Thank you for your understanding!